FP-LIMS and the importance of a blockchain-based digital identity

    Digital trust at the times of COVID-19

    2020 – the year of changes and digitalization.

    The new upcoming standards concern digitalization and automation. In fact, Industry 4.0, as well as Machine-to-Machine communication and Internet of Things, are crucial at this time, especially due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and contact restrictions. Blockchain technologies also belong to the upcoming standards of Industry 4.0.

    The concept of a blockchain consists of “block” and “chain”: digital records of transactions of individual documents, which are the so-called “blocks” are linked together through the chain. Therefore, data are verified, secured, and shared to build the blocks of the blockchain technology. It is also very difficult for just one user to take control over the network since a blockchain is a peer-to-peer-based topology where the data is stored on thousands of servers.

    • Fink & Partner - IoT - Digital Identity

    Have you ever thought of or heard of a blockchain-based digital identity? Digital identities will be growing a lot in the next ten years, this is why it is important to define this new rising standard. How can such a human connotation, like “identity”, suit the concept of digitalization? It has to be very flexible, in order to fit into the enormous human diversity.

    For this reason Fink & Partner GmbH is working on a new project. The company is developing an interface for saving all the laboratory data on a blockchain as a hash in order to keep them safe and to avoid any kind of falsification.

    Please read our article and find out more about the importance of this project and the new rising standards!

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