Fink & Partner announces the business cooperation with Chemryt informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Analytical chemistry and LIMS for the Indian market with Fink & Partner and Chemryt

Analytical chemistry with FP-LIMS software for the Indian laboratory market

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Fink & Partner GmbH spreads LIMS software solutions together with Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd for the Indian chemicals’ laboratory and analytical chemistry market. The business cooperation between the two companies finds the perfect match for customer satisfaction with the scope of improving lab processes through the support of IT solutions.

Goch, Germany – March 22nd, 2021.

Fink & Partner officially announces FP-LIMS and DIA’s official distribution by Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd. on the Indian market for analytical chemistry.

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Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company providing high-tech solutions in analytical chemistry, located in Pune, Maharashtra, and co-founded by Rahul Sagajkar.

Fink & Partner and Chemryt have an essential common goal: to spread informatics solutions for many fields of application, in this specific case for to support chemistry, for an upgrade concerning automation and digitalization to Chemistry 4.0.

Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd. provides solutions for scientists and researchers in chemical laboratories in many fields of application such as medicinal, analytical chemistry, and synthetic chemistry. Chemryt focuses, therefore, on improving quality management processes and quality control with the scope of reducing efforts, errors, as well as costs.

Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for LIMS software development. Due to the rising demand for informatics solutions as well as digitalization during the era of Industry 4.0, the company has been increasingly expanding worldwide, counting more than 6.000 installations to date.

Fink & Partner affirmed its high-tech solutions for the laboratory by launching [DIA] Analysis Management on the international market, which was also delivered with the OES lab devices produced by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. The business idea was developed and concretized thanks to the experience of Peter Niemann. He used to work at SPECTRO’s until 1992 as a software engineer and is now a managing director at the headquarters in Goch. [DIA] means data integrated analysis and has been a leading software on the international laboratory market.

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Today, Fink & Partner also provides a new all-in version, called [FP]-LIMS.

[FP]‑LIMS belongs to the “LIMS” (Laboratory Information Management System) category and is a flexible, reliable, and customizable software solution for the laboratory. To its main tasks belong data and sample management, archive, evaluation, merging, real-time data import, and laboratory management. [FP]-LIMS is a cross-industrial solution designed to fit various measurement methods and application field requirements.

[FP]-LIMS is an IoT technology since it fits the standards of automation and digitalization of Industry 4.0. It can also communicate with upper-level systems such as ERP, PCS, and SAP. Since 2020, [FP]-LIMS also has the certified interface with SAP S/4HANA®.

Fink & Partner is proud to announce the business cooperation with Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd. to spread LIMS software solutions for India’s chemicals and analytical chemistry industry.

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Annika Fleuren, Head of Marketing

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Contacts at Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Sagajkar, Co-founder

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