Press release for official announcement about Bruker QMatrix and DIA software

Fink & Partner does not deliver DIA with Bruker Elemental’s lab devices anymore

Important Information

QMatrix software by Bruker does not run without DIA software of Fink & Partner

Goch, Germany – February 1st, 2021. Fink & Partner GmbH officially announces the end of delivering [DIA] Analysis Management with Bruker Elemental, the well-known manufacturer of OES lab devices, since January 1st, 2020.

Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for software development that affirmed its presence on the international market selling [DIA] software for laboratory analysis management in the early 2000s.

The company was co-founded in 1992 by Hans-Jochen Fink and Peter Niemann, now managing director at the headquarters of Goch, next to Düsseldorf. The business idea is strongly related to the SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, another well-known OES laboratory instrument manufacturer. Peter Niemann used to work for SPECTRO, where he deeply learned the function and properties of measurement devices and the specifications of a needed software installation.

The company started delivering [DIA] in 2002 with SPECTRO and Bruker Elemental OES measurement instruments in 2003, such as those from the Magellan and the QMatrix software families. Many Bruker devices for optical emission spectrometry (OES) are still provided with QMartix, strictly requiring [DIA] Analysis Management to work.

Important:  As already mentioned, QMatrix is Bruker’s software developed for OES lab instruments. It has many common features with Fink & Partner’s [DIA], and these two solutions are therefore designed to work together. It is also important to know that QMatrix strictly works just with [DIA]. If you migrate your QMatrix to a running version of Windows 10 or have to reinstall it on Windows 10, your old [DIA] version (if not 2.5) will not work. Fink & Partner provides solutions and support to your [DIA] installation, not Bruker Elemental.

Ask Fink & Partner, NOT Bruker, to migrate QMatrix to a running version of [DIA] software. We are not delivering [DIA] with Bruker lab instruments anymore. Contact us for anything you need about your installation!

For more information about the migration of Bruker QMatrix or any information about your installation, visit the official website of Fink & Partner GmbH.

Get in touch with our experts to get a new version of [DIA] for Windows 10 or to ask for support.

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