Bruker QMatrix Q4 Q8 Magellan Tasman LIMS

Bruker QMatrix interface update: FP-LIMS ensures smooth processes

As a leading LIMS provider, our aim is to provide our customers with efficient and reliable software that ensures seamless data flow and automated process handling. [FP]-LIMS is known for its extensive interfaces to various measurement devices, including Bruker QMatrix devices.

Bruker QMatrix interface update: The backgrounds

In the past, however, there were some technical problems when using Bruker QMatrix instruments with [FP] LIMS. While these only minimally affected the efficiency and accuracy of data processing, they did not meet our high standards.

We are pleased to announce that we have eliminated all deficiencies in cooperation with a partnering customer. Our developers have worked hard to ensure that the integration between [FP]-LIMS and Bruker QMatrix devices is smooth and error-free.

The following interface optimizations were made specifically:

  • The user rights management now works properly again.
  • The quality exchange now works properly again.
  • Selection fields can now be created via plausibilities again.

Are you using a Bruker Q4 Tasman or Q8 Magellan instrument with QMatrix software?

Update [FP]-LIMS to the latest version to take full advantage of the improvements. Contact our support team directly for more information about the update: [email protected]

As we are very keen to offer you a wide range of interfaces, it is also possible to connect [FP]-LIMS to Bruker ELEMENTAL.SUITE.