Fink & Partner announces the official distribution in Canada by ISOSPARK Analytical Solutions

ICP, OES, and many more analyses with an exclusive LIMS solution for the Canadian Market

ICP, OES, and many other analyses with FP-LIMS: a cross-industrial software solution for the Canadian market

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A cross-industrial LIMS for various analyses such as ICP and OES: Fink & Partner GmbH officially announces the exclusive distribution of [FP]-LIMS and [DIA] Analysis Management by ISOSPARK Analytical Solutions in Canada.

Goch, Germany – March, 8th 2021.

ISOSPARK Analytical Solutions officially distributes FP-LIMS and DIA Analysis Management.

Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for software development that sells LIMS software solutions worldwide. The software and IT-industry are future oriented-application areas evolving a lot recently due to the digitalization of processes and Industry 4.0.

Fink & Partner GmbH is therefore proud to announce the official and exclusive distribution of [FP]-LIMS and [DIA] Analysis Management by ISOSPARK Analytical Solutions on the Canadian market.

ISOSPARK is a Canadian company, with head office in Montréal, representing and officially selling measurement devices for the laboratory-produced by AMETEK, among many others. The strength of ISOSPARK lies in being specialized in many measurement methods that involve a considerable amount of data to collect, analyzed and archive, such as Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP), and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), among many others.

Fink & Partner GmbH is the official developer and vendor of [FP]-LIMS and before [DIA] Analysis Management, software for the laboratory. [FP]-LIMS belongs to the category LIMS, which is the acronym for Laboratory Information Management System. It describes a software solution for the laboratory, designed to collect, manage, merge, archive, and analyze data imported from the measurement instruments as well as manage the laboratory workflows.

LIMS software is known for being a flexible and reliable solution for complex analyses. Thus, [FP]-LIMS is developed to upgrade laboratory processes and make them more manageable. In fact, [FP]-LIMS is not just customizable, flexible, and reliable but can also be adapted to many application areas thanks to its sophisticated and flexible modular architecture and open interfaces to many measurement devices.

Many measurement methods in the laboratory, such as ICP and OES analyses, involve a considerable amount of data that has to be imported from measurement instruments, such as spectrometers. LIMS is, therefore, a suitable laboratory software solution to deal with many analyses and measurement results. As an IoT-Technology designed for the world of Industry 4.0, [FP]-LIMS has the role in supporting laboratory technicians in conducting various analyses, such as ICP and OES analyses among many others, and can therefore optimize the quality management processes as well as reduce costs caused by errors in incoming and outgoing inspection orders.

ISOSPARK officially represents the “made in Germany” LIMS developed by Fink & Partner to support ICP, OES, and many other analyses with the exclusivity for the Canadian market. Fink & Partner GmbH and ISOSPARK Analytical Solutions work together to find the right high-quality as well as a high-tech package between software, [FP]-LIMS, and lab devices for complex lab processes to meet customer satisfaction.

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