How far can we go adapting our [FP]-LIMS to your laboratory process through its modular design?

    The modules for the extension of [FP]-LIMS software are based on a powerful SQL database solution. These allow a quick query and processing of data at any location. The user interface can be freely configured for your needs – which guarantees maximum user-friendliness! The selection of different languages and views enables quick and smooth operations. The central element for the automation of functions is the job server, which executes time- and/or event-controlled tasks. For example, archiving, communication or output tasks can be fully automated. It is also possible, for example, to automatically monitor limit values and the associated alarm message (e-mail, message on the monitor, etc.) when they are exceeded. Using modern LIMS software and modules such as analysis management, test order management, or ERP, you can design your quality management in the best way and make your production processes even more efficient.

    With the modular structure of our [FP]-LIMS, we offer the possibility to have a quick start in combination with lower costs.

    The laboratory software DIA becomes the LIMS software FP-LIMS

    Are you wondering whether [FP]-LIMS modules can optimize your processes?

    Analysis management module

    A new name combined with the renowned power of [DIA] analysis management

    • The well-known [DIA] Desktop
    • Analyses Processing
    • Filter and data selection
    • Export
    • Communication & Device Interfaces
    • Qualities
    • Base Tables
    • Automated processes/operations
    • Users & Rights

    With the analysis management module, you combine and integrate all relevant samples and process information in just one database. The data transfer from analysis devices or measurement machines and the distribution of analyses is automated via the corresponding interfaces. Thanks to the [FP]-LIMS software, analysis, process data, as well as documents, papers, and photos, are quickly available at each of your branches. This way, you offer your employees immediate feedback. A user-friendly and freely configurable desktop interface allows quick and easy access to the most frequently required output functions and dialogs. For example, the input dialog functions as an extension and is used to manually import data into the system. This supports analyses, measurement data, and results that cannot be transferred via an interface to be entered manually. The [FP]-LIMS analysis management is, therefore, a compelling module.

    This module offers everything from analysis viewing, editing, evaluation, automation of various processes, documentation, and data export. This way, you can process monitoring, archiving, and tracking. This helps you to sustainably increase the quality of your work processes.

    Inspection Planning / Quality Inspection module

    To be always on the top, you need to keep track of all the inputs and the outputs. [FP]-LIMS can help you out with that lab-task!

    • Processing of samples with different methods, which can develop into elaborate test plans
    • Laboratory overview: tracking of the orders created through different states
    • Measurement data can be automatically assigned to the correct test jobs
    • Creation of customer reports, report templates, and labels
    • Assignment of documents to orders
    • External extension via Web/Browser Input of test orders
    • Provision of a routing slip through integrated report designer
    • Cost assignment to inspection orders

    The [FP]-LIMS test order management module is particularly suitable for laboratories with a wide range of services and non-standardized sample structures. With the inspection management module’s help, you can create and manage inspection orders for sophisticated individualistic tests. Use the predefined or different inspection plans to which methods or specific devices have been assigned. You can also assign any number of samples, but you can also adjust the analysis at any time. Barcode labels for the samples provide the right overview and correct assignment. Using the job server, processes can also be automated in the test order management. Comprehensive import and export functions offer the most considerable possible flexibility. Analysis results can then be automatically or manually assigned to the test order. Fink & Partner’s test management system finally makes it easy to track the status, release or re-process tests, and create test reports and certificates.

      Recipe management module

      • Save recipes in a secure location
      • Access only for authorized users

      The recipe management system of Fink & Partner offers a cost-saving and flexible solution for the effective and rapid development of new recipes. Interfaces to external raw material databases and ERP/PCS systems ensure the optimized management of your raw materials, methods, specifications, and analysis results. ERP systems alone cannot unite all this. Because often, the implementation fails due to complexity, lack of flexibility, exceptionally high consulting effort, and high implementation and follow-up costs. The [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management module records, manages and provides all development steps in the recipe database. Statistical and data mining tools can use the analysis and test results, production recipes, condensed quality assurance, and long-term evaluation data. Information from this data is then available in a bundled form for the development of new methods, the reduction of development times, the adjustment of existing recipes, and quality calculations. Increase your business success significantly with the recipe management module from Fink & Partner.

      ICP module

      • Simplification of the work process
      • Multiple entries when handling ICP measurement data
      • Release function – ICP analysis
      • Audit trail: Manual changes to a measured value are permitted and are logged

      The [FP]-LIMS ICP module serves to simplify the workflow and to avoid multiple entries when handling ICP measurement data. For this purpose, all measurements (various dilutions and all materials) are displayed in tabular form for each ordered sample within a sample series. The operator decides with a few clicks, which are the “correct” measured values. To support the operator, the corresponding control samples are also displayed.

      Using a release function, an ICP analysis is generated for each ordered sample. Each component (not the line, but, e.g., the chemical element) is stored only once as a validated result. This avoids manual re-entry of measured values. However, manual changes are always allowed. For example, you can manually correct drifts of the measured values, which have to be read from the control samples.

      These results can then be used with any [FP]-LIMS function (print, export, archive, etc.).

      • Fink & Partner- modules - ICP module

      Would you like to find out which modular structure fulfills your company’s needs?

      Input dialog

      Use the remarkably comprehensive input dialog to insert data manually.

      The input dialog for the analysis management [FP]-LIMS of Fink & Partner is used for manual input of measurement values. Do you provide tests with devices that do not have an automatic interface with the LIMS software? That’s why we developed the input dialog. It empowers the user to enter data manually and import it into the system.


      • freely configurable
      • quick and easy operation
      • several views
      • easy administration
      • of the configuration
      • multilingualism
      • Fink & Partner – modules - input dialoge

      ERP module supports now also SAP S/4HANA®

      Many communication tasks can already be mastered using the powerful import and export functions of [FP]-LIMS. However, interactions with higher-level ERP/PCS systems often happen in more sophisticated communication tasks that can be successfully implemented using the [FP] ERP module. The universal interface provides end-to-end connectivity and thus enables fast and reliable integrations into existing system landscapes. Data can be easily exchanged between the [FP]-LIMS software and systems such as ERP, PCS, etc. at the application level via imported or exported text files. This also supports direct data exchange between the individual applications and the provision of combined data for further analysis or evaluation. Besides, the module can be easily adapted to your individual tasks employing appropriate parameters. By networking your systems with the ERP module of Fink & Partner, you can optimize your data management and, at the same time, your workflows. This is certified communication with SAP S/4HANA®!

      • Fink & Partner - modules - ERP module - SAP S/4HANA ®

      Web Interface module

      The [FP] Module Web Interface allows secure remote access to necessary data and information from the [FP] database. The focus is on monitoring and reporting. For example, analysis results can be displayed in tabular and graphical form, or production data can be quickly checked form any location and any work-laptop. The web interface module is basically based on the user interface of the [FP] analysis management, whose strengths were the overviews and user-friendliness. This module combines many years of expertise with the [FP]-LIMS software and the latest technical developments in web applications (Rich Internet Applications) to support you in cross-location communication and quality assurance and reporting.

      Workflow Management

      Quick and simple workflow control within [FP]-LIMS.

      • Deployment Workflow Designer
      • Integration in [FP]-LIMS
      • …and much more!

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