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Expansion of language options: FP-LIMS now also available in Spanish

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have become an indispensable technology in recent years to ensure the smooth running of laboratory processes. These specialized software solutions provide efficient management of samples, data, and documents to help laboratories perform tests, track results, and ensure data integrity. With increasing globalization and international collaboration, the availability of LIMS in multiple languages plays a critical role.

In a globalized world where laboratories often collaborate with international customers, partners, and employees, language diversity has become an important factor. The ability to use LIMS in the native language facilitates communication, increases efficiency, and minimizes potential misunderstandings. The availability of LIMS in multiple languages helps maximize the use and benefits of these systems and extend their reach on a global scale.

[FP]-LIMS is now available in Spanish to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking laboratories or laboratory staff.

Why is Spanish so important in laboratory management?

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is spoken as a native language by over 460 million people. It is an official language in 21 countries and is learned as a second or foreign language in many others. Statistics show that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin. This prevalence makes Spanish a significant language in global contexts.

Spanish plays a particularly important role in the scientific community. Spanish-speaking countries have significantly contributed to various scientific disciplines, whether in medicine, chemistry, biology, or environmental sciences. Academic institutions, research centers, and universities in Spanish-speaking countries contribute to global scientific development. The availability of LIMS in Spanish enables researchers, laboratory staff, and scientists from Spanish-speaking regions to work more efficiently, manage their data accurately, and collaborate seamlessly with international partners. It promotes integration and exchanging knowledge and innovations across language and country boundaries.

What are the advantages of a Spanish version of FP-LIMS for laboratories worldwide?

The benefits of the Spanish version of [FP]-LIMS are many and offer numerous improvements for Spanish-speaking laboratory staff and work environments. Making [FP]-LIMS available in Spanish significantly improves the user experience. Laboratory staff who are native Spanish speakers or who are in Spanish-speaking environments can use the software intuitively because they can work in their familiar language. This reduces potential language barriers, misunderstandings, and errors that can occur when LIMS are used in a foreign language.

The Spanish version of [FP]-LIMS allows better integration into Spanish-speaking work environments. The terminology, menu options, and user interface are adapted to the specific requirements and practices of these environments. This facilitates the seamless integration of [FP]-LIMS into existing laboratory processes and workflows without needing customization or translation. This creates a more efficient work environment where Spanish-speaking laboratories can work smoothly with [FP]-LIMS.

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LIMS spanish language versions

LIMS Spanish: How to get access to the Spanish version?

The implementation and support of the Spanish version of [FP]-LIMS has been carefully planned and implemented to ensure smooth integration and use. The development of the Spanish translation has been integrated into all current versions of [FP]-LIMS including [FP]-LIMS Light, [FP]-LIMS Standard, and [FP]-LIMS Professional. This means that users will have access to the Spanish language version regardless of the version they are using.

The process of switching to the Spanish version is simple and user-friendly. Lab staff can change the language setting at the terminal level, with no additional installation or configuration required. This allows users to seamlessly switch between languages and use [FP]-LIMS in the language they prefer. The Spanish version of [FP]-LIMS thus offers a flexible solution that meets users’ individual needs and preferences.

To ensure that users receive the best possible support, comprehensive support for the Spanish version has also been implemented. This means that any Spanish-speaking user can access detailed user documentation in Spanish.

More language options planned

[FP]-LIMS attaches great importance to continuous improvements and further developments in order to meet the needs of users. In this context, the company plans to introduce additional language options for [FP]-LIMS in the future. In addition to the Spanish version, other major languages will be implemented to further expand the global reach of [FP]-LIMS. This will allow laboratories and companies worldwide to use [FP]-LIMS in their preferred language, enabling even more seamless integration and use.

In addition, continuous improvements and regular software updates of [FP]-LIMS will be implemented. As an international LIMS software provider, Fink & Partner works closely with customers and partners to gather feedback and develop new features to meet real-world needs and challenges. These updates include performance enhancements and new features that further increase the efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use of [FP]-LIMS. Continued development ensures that [FP]-LIMS will continue to be a leader in laboratory management and meet the changing needs of the industry.

Would you like to access the Spanish language version and need an update? Contact our sales team at [email protected].