Optical emission spectrometry

Optical emission spectroscopy, also known as OES analysis, is one of the most popular and reliable analytical methods to determine metallurgical elements’ chemical composition, especially metal alloys. This measurement method is quick, reliable, simple, and crucial to determine quality assurance in the smart metallurgical factories. Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) is a universally recognized analytical technique conducted with the OES spectrometer. The chemical elements must be analyzed and accurately collected to create reports and certificates

For these reasons, it can be assumed that optical emission spectrometry involves a large amount of laboratory data and samples that need to be collected, stored, and analyzed. LIMS software is the laboratory software that is designed to fulfill these tasks and support quality management processes.

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[FP]-LIMS laboratory software

The OES analysis can be a challenging measurement method in a laboratory because of the large amount of data to collect. [FP]-LIMS is the laboratory software developed by the German company Fink & Partner GmbH.

It belongs to the category “LIMS“, which means laboratory information management system. It is designed to manage lab workflows, merge data, and detect errors to improve your quality management processes for better quality.

LIMS is an upcoming IoT technology, which has the scope to make you step forward to digitalization and automation for your laboratory. The advantage of [FP]-LIMS is the compatibility with numerous measurement methods and measurement devices.

Due to the significant amount of data, [FP]-LIMS is a practical solution that might make the difference in your OES analyses. 

Fink & Partner: your LIMS experts

Company for software development

Thanks to the many years of experience, Fink & Partner GmbH has developed vast know-how about laboratories from different industries with different necessities, specifications, and measurement methods. Since 1992, the software engineers of Fink & Partner GmbH have been working on this customizable and flexible software solution that can fit the most specific requirements.

Fink & Partner GmbH has a wide experience working with the OES analyses due to the large-scale knowledge of  HitachiBrukerSpectro AmetekThermoFisher Scientific, Agilent TechnologiesAnalytik JenaHoriba ScientificMalvern Panalytical OES devices. 

[FP]-LIMS can adapt to all the devices of these manufacturers but also to many more!

Please find out more about the story of our company and the customizable software solution!