Fink & Partner successfully cooperates with Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd since 2019

Portable XRF LIMS and much more: Portable Analytical Solutions and FP-LIMS for Australia and New Zealand

Portable XRF LIMS: Portable Analytical Solutions and Fink & Partner spread portable XRF instrumentation and LIMS solutions

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Portable XRF and LIMS are a convenient combination for the new upcoming requirements of laboratories. [FP]-LIMS is the software solution developed by Fink & Partner GmbH from Goch, Germany, designed to meet the requirements of different industries thanks to its sophisticated modular software architecture and open interfaces to various measurement devices. Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd is a company with headquarters New South Wales, Australia, that has been spreading analytical instrumentation solutions for many lab analyses such as XRF, NIR, LIBS, hyperspectral, and FTIR technologies for over a decade. The two companies work together on the international laboratory market to find the ideal solution for customers from many industries such as manufacturing, metals, and environmental, among many others.

Goch, Germany – April 26th, 2021.

Portable XRF LIMS: Fink & Partner GmbH and Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd have been working together since 2019 to spread portable XRF and LIMS solutions and much more for the lab for customer satisfaction.

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Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd (PAS), established in 2009, has offices in Australia and New Zealand and provides analytical instrumentations such as XRF, NIR, LIBS, Hyperspectral, and FTIR technologies, among many others. PAS has extensive know-how in many application areas such as precious Metals, Industry, Mining, Exploration, Defense, Environment, Consumer, Medical, and research. The company provides different services, such as sales, support, training, and rental.

Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd has many common goals with Fink & Partner, such as searching for the ideal solutions and innovative technologies for various requirements. The two companies have been providing solutions for portable XRF solutions (and much more!) with the support of [FP]-LIMS software for high-quality and high-tech lab workflows since 2019.

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[FP]-LIMS belongs to the LIMS category, an acronym for Laboratory Information Management System, and concerns an IT solution to optimize laboratory workflows and quality control. LIMS is ideal for collecting, managing, analyzing, archiving, evaluating, merging samples and data, and upgrading laboratory management. [FP]-LIMS has a sophisticated modular structure and open interfaces to many measurement devices for real-time data import, making it very flexible and customizable. [FP]-LIMS is designed to be an IoT technology with the scope to meet the requirements of digitalization, automation, and secure data storage of Industry 4.0. Furthermore, [FP]-LIMS communicates with upper-level systems such as ERP and SAP, and since 2020 has the certified interface for communicating with SAP S/4HANA®.

About Fink & Partner: the company has been developing and improving high-tech software solutions since 1992 with the scope to meet the requirements of various specific measurement methods of different application areas. Fink & Partner affirmed their presence on the international market with [DIA] Analysis Management used to be sold SPECTRO’s devices for OES analysis. Furthermore, [DIA] was also combined with many Bruker OES devices such as the Magellan and Tasman families, working with QMatrix software. For further information about the official distribution of [DIA] combined with QMatrix, please consult Fink & Partner’s official press release.

Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, [FP]-LIMS in combination with portable XRF solutions (and much more!) distributed by Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd is an ideal match for high-tech and high-quality analyses in laboratories. Other application areas are NIR, LIBS, Hyperspectral, and FTIR.

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