Fink & Partner officially announces the business cooperation with TEA and distribution in Italy

Process industry and LIMS solutions: Fink & Partner and TEA Srl Representations working together

TEA Srl Representations officially supplies Fink & Partner’s LIMS software solutions for the Italian process industry

Tradition, experience, and know-how meet innovation and collaboration: spreading together “made in Germany” software solutions for process industry on the Italian market!

Goch, Germany – March 1st, 2021.

Fink & Partner GmbH is proud to announce the official distribution of FP-LIMS and DIA Analysis Management by TEA Srl Representations on the Italian market

The international company TEA Srl Representations was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Genoa, Italy. The company, represented by Fabio Cimarosti and Simone Mandia, counts on over ten years of experience in the process and manufacturing industries, strong interest, passion, and consulting experience to find the right solutions and meet their customers’ requirements. TEA Srl was able to expand their know-how, focusing on the process and manufacturing industry, which involves different sectors, such as chemical, mining, engineering, steel, and foundry, among many others.

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Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for software development that affirmed its popularity on the international market with the laboratory software [DIA] Analysis Management. The software solution started being delivered with SPECTRO’s and Bruker’s lab devices for optical emission spectrometry (OES). The company has been growing over the years, reaching 30 employees to date. [FP]-LIMS is the new all-in upgraded version, also compatible with Windows 10.

[FP]-LIMS belongs to the category “LIMS (Definition)” software, which is the acronym for Laboratory Information Management System and concerns a solution for the laboratory to manage, merge and archive collected data from measurement devices as well as to generate reports and to manage the laboratory workflows. [FP]-LIMS is a customizable, flexible, and reliable LIMS solution that fulfills the already mentioned requirements but also audit trail, real-time import of data, sample management, quality control, compatibility with various measurement methods, and connection to various lab devices even if they are produced by different manufacturers. The strength of [FP]-LIMS is its sophisticated modular structure, developed to meet specific and high-tech requirements.

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The two companies are working together to spread customizable software solutions on the Italian but also international market, focusing on the process industry. Process industry concerns primary production processes, either continuous or occur on a batch of indistinguishable materials.

TEA Srl is situated in a very strategic position in Northern Italy. In fact, in this area, the foundry, steel, and metal recycling industries are emerging more and more every day, which in most cases involve the implementation of a laboratory. Nevertheless, the company operates on the whole Italian national territory.

The two companies fulfill high-quality and high-tech requirements according to the upcoming IoT-technology oriented to the rising standards of automation and digitalization of Industry 4.0. Their strength is rooted in tradition, experience, know-how, innovation for a strong collaboration.

Representing a “made in Germany” modern LIMS on the Italian and international process industry sector: Fink & Partner GmbH works with TEA Srl Representations on customizable solutions for the most specific requirements and customers’ needs in this industry.

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Contacts at Fink & Partner GmbH

Philip Mörke, CEO

Annika Fleuren, Head of Marketing

[email protected]

Contacts at TEA Srl Representations

Fabio Cimarosti, Managing Director

Simone Mandia, Sales Consultant and Agent

[email protected]

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