FP-LIMS im Qualitätsmanagement der Automobilindustrie

Shortage of skilled workers in industry labs: How can a LIMS help?

The issue of a shortage of skilled workers is not only a growing problem in the skilled trades, but also in laboratories in industry. Accordingly, the worries and despair of laboratory managers and directors are multiplying. A study by LABO magazine found that 87% of German laboratories can no longer complete their work within their working hours because they are short of staff. In addition, almost 88% state that the search for new staff is proving “difficult” to “very difficult”. The causes of the shortage of skilled workers are, for example, demographic change, but also the desire of younger generations to study and no longer immediately enter the professional world. So what options are left for a lab to create their workload while avoiding the issue of skilled labor shortage?

A quick and future-proof solution is a Laboratory Information Management System, or LIMS for short.

What is a LIMS and how can it help combat the skills shortage in industry labs?

A LIMS or Laboratory Information Management System is a software application for storing and tracking data for laboratory experiments and tests. This data can include results from tests, measurements, and analyses. LIMS systems are used in a wide range of industries, including metal manufacturing, mining and surface mining, vehicle manufacturing, or public utilities.

LIMS systems typically consist of four main components: a database for storing information, an interface for transferring data, a set of tools for managing and analyzing data, and a system to create reports. LIMS systems can be stand-alone applications or part of a larger enterprise system. A LIMS offers many ways to optimize and automate the work process, making it a useful tool to increase the productivity of an industrial laboratory.

[FP]-LIMS, the LIMS from Fink & Partner, goes one step further. In addition to collecting all the data generated in the laboratory and storing it in a central database, [FP]-LIMS can be accessed securely and decentrally. [FP]-LIMS can be completely adapted to your processes, because flexibility and adaptability are two of the great strengths of our laboratory software solution, thanks to the modular structure of [FP]-LIMS. For example, you can use our rights system to define exactly which department, group or individual can access which data and functions, tailor inspection methods, plans and orders to your exact requirements and even plan the organization in the laboratory with the LIMS. Make your internal and external communication more efficient, improve the effectiveness of your quality management and save resources and time.

Handout "LIMS selection criteria"

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How much time can I save with a LIMS?

For example, [FP]-LIMS helps you with time-consuming tasks such as certificate creation and significantly speeds up the process. Documentation, which occurs daily in the laboratory, can also be significantly facilitated with [FP]-LIMS. For example, our customer Stannol reports that thanks to [FP]-LIMS, they have been able to reduce their documentation workload by 80% and now have more time for important tasks.

Just imagine that you could do without 2 hours of documentation work every day:

  • after one week you would have saved 10 hours of working time
  • after one month already a whole working week (40 hours)
  • after one year already 13 weeks of working time, which you could put into new orders
  • and after only 4 years you would have saved the working time of a whole year, which would have been spent only on the documentation in your laboratory.

And should your requirements increase due to this amount of available working time, which could be filled with new orders, you can upgrade your [FP]-LIMS to a higher version or extend it with one of our powerful modules at any time.

Documentation Effort - Efficiency - FP-LIMS Skilled Worker Shortage Industry

Your low-cost way out of the shortage of skilled workers in industry labs

With a LIMS, you can easily manage and analyze all data generated in the laboratory, optimize and automate processes, save resources and time, and thus defy the problems of the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. With [FP]-LIMS you can effectively reduce your documentation effort and thus significantly increase your efficiency. In addition, with our software solution you are also prepared for future developments in your industry.

For particularly urgent cases, we at Fink & Partner offer you our low-cost entry-level version [FP]-LIMS Light, which, like all our software solutions, you can immediately integrate into your daily work routine without having to adapt it. You can get more information about our software in a free 30-minute demo, in which we define your requirements with you and you get an insight into [FP]-LIMS.