Fink & Partner officially announces the business cooperation with the Indian company Dynamic Technology Systems DTS

Smart manufacturing and LIMS solutions for India with Fink & Partner and Dynamic Technology Systems

LIMS for smart manufacturing, automotive, foundry, and much more for the Indian laboratory market

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Fink & Partner GmbH spreads LIMS software solutions together with Dynamic Technology Systems for the Indian market. The business cooperation between the two companies finds the perfect match for customer satisfaction for, among various application fields, smart manufacturing, automotive, and foundry.

Goch, Germany – March 15th, 2021.

Fink & Partner celebrates one year of official distribution of FP-LIMS and DIA Analysis Management by Dynamic Technology Systems on the Indian market.

Dynamic Technology Systems (DTS) is an Indian company founded in 2009 and currently led by CEO Mr. Suyash Nadkarni, with headquarters in the center of Mumbai. The company has been considerably growing on the national and international market of analytical products and instrumentation for the laboratory. In specific, DTS focuses on metals, oils, pharma, healthcare, and research and development, supported by elemental analysis, material research, testing, inspection, and human body temperature screening.

Thus, Dynamic Technology Systems is aware of the increasing technological standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0, thanks to their know-how in the smart manufacturing field.

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Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for software development that became famous on the international market with the launch of [DIA] Analysis Management. [DIA] started being delivered with SPECTRO’s lab devices such as SpectroLAB or SpectroMAXx and Bruker’s Magellan and Tasman instrumentation. The company was founded in 1992 by Peter Niemann, managing director at the headquarters in Goch, and Hans-Jochen Fink, rooted in Niemann’s know-how developed in the previous years while working at SPECTROS’s as a software engineer.

Fink & Partner has been growing faster and faster on the international market over the last few years, affirming the new all-in version, [FP]-LIMS. Due to the rising requirements of the manufacturing process and production process, [FP]-LIMS is developed for a smart factory and to deal with a big amount of data. The lab software solution designed at Fink & Partner’s belongs to the category “LIMS (Definition)”, the acronym for Laboratory Information Management System, and concerns flexible lab software to manage, archive, merge collected data from the measurement instruments as well as samples, for audit trail, to support quality management and quality control.

Playing the role of a “smart interface”, [FP]-LIMS extraordinarily fits the world of Internet of Things and smart manufacturing. This happens not just thanks to its flexibility and reliability but also for its sophisticated modular structure and open interfaces to various measurement methods and upper-level systems such as PCS and ERP. Since 2020, [FP]-LIMS supports the communication with SAP S/4HANA® and has, therefore, the certified interface.

Fink & Partner is proud to celebrate one year cooperation with Dynamic Technology Systems to spread LIMS software solutions for many application areas such as smart manufacturing, automotive, and foundry, as well as various measurement methods such as OES, XRF, tensile testing, and hardness test. The two companies already participated together at the international conference “Metalworld Zoom Event: Industry 4.0 for Foundry” presenting [FP]-LIMS for Laboratory 4.0 and Foundry 4.0 in December 2020.

Contacts at Fink & Partner GmbH

Philip Mörke, CEO

Annika Fleuren, Head of Marketing

[email protected]

Contacts at Dynamic Technology Systems (DTS)

Suyash Nadkarni, CEO

Rishikesh Baviskar, GM Business Development

[email protected]

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