XRF of Metals with LIMS

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

XRF analysis, also known as X-ray fluorescence analysis, is one of the oldest techniques for fast, non-destructive analysis to determine the elemental composition of materials, mostly solid and liquid analytes.

The advantage of using XRF analysis of metals is that the samples are not damaged during the measurement. No digestions are necessary to achieve good results since the detection limit concerns microgram/gram (ppm).

This analysis has the scope to investigate quantitative and qualitative materials’ composition, which involves analyzing significant amounts of laboratory data.

LIMS software plays a crucial role in support of XRF analysis: XRF involves a considerable amount of data. LIMS is designed to manage and store them, track samples, and manage your complete laboratory.

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LIMS for accurate XRF

[FP]-LIMS software solution

XRF analysis might be a challenging laboratory task due to the many measurements needed and the large amount of data that has to be collected.

LIMS is a practical software solution to manage your laboratory in the right way.

In fact, thanks to its reliability and flexibility, laboratory managers and technicians can manage a significant amount of data, track and store samples, detect problems in production through macros/workflow management and solve them quickly, document your processes, prepare a statistical evaluation of all test orders and manage your entire laboratory.

[FP]-LIMS is the LIMS software solution designed by Fink & Partner GmbH and, since 2020, disposes of the certified interface to SAP S/4HANA®, the ERP system for large enterprises.


About the software developer and vendor

Fink & Partner GmbH is a software developer and vendor based in Goch, next to Düsseldorf, and Norderstedt, a little town next to Hamburg.

The German company has been developing laboratory software solutions since 1992, with over 6.000 installations around the world. Fink & Partner GmbH is mostly known for the [DIA] family products such as DIA2000SE, DIA2000, [DIA]-Light, as well as [FP]-LIMS. This company’s success consists of developing customizable solutions supported by a deep understanding of customers’ requirements, which can fit the most specific needs of different laboratories. Fink & Partner GmbH works in deep contact with many manufacturers, such as Spectro Analytical Instruments, Thermo Fisher, and Hitachi. The complete product know-how is broadcasted by the employees of Fink & Partner GmbH. Development, quality assurance, and final tests are conducted in-house.