Data management in laboratories

The trend in laboratories of large companies worldwide is towards more and more data, a fact that is not surprising. The most diverse measurement methods in the laboratory produce enormous amounts of data. In the best case scenario, this data must be processed immediately and stored in data management systems such as LIMS laboratory software. This makes the results of a market study by Strategic Directions International from Los Angeles, USA, all the more surprising: the study found that around 70% of companies that have a LIMS still enter their data manually into the LIMS.

Yet a fully integrated LIMS software can solve many challenges in the laboratory and create an important competitive advantage over competitors.

datenmanagement im labor fp lims fuer mehr effizienz
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The challenges in the laboratory are diverse

Efficient and high-quality production requires a reliable basis for decision-making. Laboratory data play a very important role in this. They show whether the product complies with the target values or deviates and thus does not meet the standards in terms of quality. To ensure that as few of these substandard products as possible are produced and that high-quality products are produced again as quickly as possible, production staff depend on fast data transfer. Companies are also dependent on the data they produce being available to all those who need it to do their jobs. This requires ensuring that data is stored centrally and securely, regardless of what devices and or software it comes from. All data must be put into a format that allows other software products to reuse it, because different areas of a company may well need different data or only parts of data sets.

LIMS software as a solution for data management in the laboratory

The solution to these data management challenges in the laboratory is a Laboratory Information Management System, for instance [FP]-LIMS from Fink & Partner.

As part of your quality management, the [FP]-LIMS software enables you to monitor your data in real time and in an automated way. In the event of deviations exceeding predefined tolerances, the LIMS alerts you, enabling you to rectify quality losses and prevent product losses in the shortest possible time. Your company saves costs by avoiding unnecessary work steps and reducing paper work and the use of other materials. It increases the consistency in the quality of your products, which leads to more sales in the medium and long term. Replace complicated stand-alone solutions such as Excel or Access and easily find all the information you need in LIMS – centrally and securely. Your data is always up to date and resilient through the LIMS, because all data ends up in the database by linking the LIMS software with all laboratory instruments and other systems.  [FP] LIMS also ensures consistent reporting, while being user-friendly and intuitive at all times. The LIMS software solution always adapts to your individual requirements, fields and functions can always be individualized.

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Advantages of FP-LIMS laboratory software at a glance

– Make laboratory processes more efficient

– Reduction of the error rate

– Improvement of measurement quality

– Improving collaboration in the laboratory

– Reducing costs and increasing productivity

– Optimal traceability of laboratory-related data

– Flexible and adaptable at any time thanks to numerous configuration options

– Different versions for different sized laboratories guarantee an optimal price/performance ratio. Our customer confirms: “[FP]-LIMS is unrivaled on the market”. (Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation STANNOL)

– Completely industry-independent, suitable for all requirements

– The LIMS grows with your requirements: Updates and upgrades possible at any time

– Proven laboratory solution: Already in use worldwide for 30 years

– We speak your language and, as true laboratory experts, know what is important in a LIMS

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FP-LIMS Light: The perfect entry into data management for laboratories

But how do you get started with professional data management in the lab? With [FP]-LIMS Light we have developed a version that offers the perfect entry into the world of professional analysis management and digitalization of your laboratory work. Extensive functionalities together with high flexibility and the unrivaled low price make [FP]-LIMS Light the perfect alternative. Best of all: Should your requirements increase, you can switch to the Standard or Professional version of our software at any time.