Fink & Partner GmbH and the customizable software solution

30 years in hindsight

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August 12, 2020 – by Anna Freddi

Almost 30 years of Fink & Partner GmbH: talking to Peter Niemann, managing director of the company, we will discover more about the history of a successful partnership.

A.F.: Fink & Partner GmbH has been developing software solutions for the laboratory since 1992. Essential services are the administration and processing of measurement results, which have been continuously expanded over the years and will be steadily expanded. Why did Fink & Partner decide to develop software solutions for laboratories?

P.N.: I participated in co-founding the company Fink & Partner GmbH. Before that, I worked for four years at Spectro Analytical Instruments, a large, world-renowned instrument manufacturer. During my work in this company, I learned what customers need when they want to store, process, or evaluate their measurement results. It was clear to me which methods had to be used to manage the data from the laboratory instruments. From this strategy, the Fink & Partner GmbH was born.

A.F.: Fink & Partner GmbH has been developing customizable software solutions based on standardized modules for almost 30 years. What makes a flexible standard solution so unique?

P.N.: A standard software is often not flexible enough to cover the particular requirements of customers that exist in different companies. Each laboratory has specific needs and workflows: This means that every company requires various details. A laboratory software must be able to react to these details, and at the same time, we must be able to adapt a standard solution to these features. That’s why we talk about an adaptable standard solution, and that is what makes our software special.

A.F.: Let us talk about the [FP]-LIMS product family: The software developers at Fink & Partner GmbH focus on their customers’ individual requirements. This includes many interfaces for connecting numerous measuring instruments – such as those from Spectro, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, and many more. How are innovative services combined with many years of know-how?

P.N.: We have been developing LIMS software solutions for the laboratory since 1992. “Know-how” and “experience” connect in our company. Thanks to our many years of experience, on the one hand, we dispose of a construction kit made of many modules, ideas, and approaches. On the other hand, we can combine this with new requirements in the laboratories, which have to be constantly communicated. We have been active in this field for a very long time. No new condition is particularly “exotic” for us: We can react to customer requirements quickly and professionally because we deeply understand them.

A.F.: Fink & Partner GmbH is looking worldwide and into the future: Customizable standard solutions and the more than 6000 installations worldwide award Fink & Partner GmbH. What makes the LIMS software solution designed by Fink & Partner GmbH so different on the global market?

P.N.: We believe we have a pragmatic approach that requires as little administrative effort in the laboratories as possible. What makes our LIMS software different is that we do not work on the administrative side, but on the analytical point of view. We enable the management of the analytics in many laboratories: This often avoids that time-consuming creation of test orders.

A.F.: 2020 – the year of changes and digitalization. The certified interface to SAP S/4HANA® automates laboratory processes as far as possible, hence creating critical digital innovations. How can [F.P.]-LIMS v2.7, in conjunction with the certified interface to SAP S/4HANA®, make a difference in laboratory processes?

P.N.: The interface to SAP S/4HANA® enables an effective method in the laboratory that breaks down the complex structures in SAP quality management so that work in the laboratory can concentrate on the analytical task. Which means many administrative tasks can be dispensed with. In the higher-level SAP system, work processes can be automated by predefined rules after the data has been made available.

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