What is spectroscopy?

A wide variety of processes take place in a laboratory throughout the day. From simple measurements to complex analyses to extensive and complex test chains. And in almost all cases, something has to be analyzed. After all, precise qualitative or quantitative determinations are the linchpin of any well-founded chemical-scientific work. A structured order and a clear system play a decisive role in the efficient work of such a laboratory. With our Fink & Partner LIMS solution, we offer you a system that exactly meets these requirements. Especially in the field of spectral analysis, large amounts of data and important results are usually produced which have to be reliably recorded and stored.

Method of spectroscopy

Spectroscopy involves several physical methods with which radiation can be decomposed according to a certain property. These properties include energy, mass, wavelength, and so on. The distribution of the intensities occurring in such an image is called the spectrum.

In spectrometry, such spectra are measured quantitatively with the help of a so-called spectrometer. The pure recording method of this measurement is called spectrography and the graphic representation of the determined values is called spectrogram. Such spectra can be viewed with a spectroscope. In this way, Isaac Newton recognized the division of white light into its spectra.

The radiation examined ranges from the entire range of electromagnetic waves and all mechanical waves such as water and sound waves to particle beams such as ions, atoms, molecules or even electrons.

Fields of application of spectroscopy

In spectroscopy, the properties of the radiation source, the properties between the source and the transport medium in the spectrometer should be emphasized in addition to the radiation itself (if unknown). The concentration and the chemical nature of emitting or absorbing substances and substances can also be determined by spectral analysis.

In the most diverse forms spectrography is used, for example, in sub-areas of medicine, forensic toxicology or biology, in areas of materials testing and in forensic chemistry. In this way, reliable and certain statements can be made in most cases, which can ultimately be decisive, for example, for the clarification of a cause of death or for the final polish on a new drug. Natural laws and the definition of our basic units second and meter have also been checked by the high precision with which most spectra can be read.

Cooperating providers

Our LIMS solution is compatible with a large number of well-known manufacturers in the industry. Due to years of experience and the high demands on ourselves, we have extended the compatibility of the software in the past years more and more. Among others, the devices of the following manufacturers are compatible with our [FP]-LIMS: Hitachi, Bruker, Spectro Ametek, ThermoFisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Analytik Jena, Horiba Scientific, Malvern Panalytical, Microtrac, PerkinElmer and Zwick Roell.

In the special case of spectral analysis, we cooperate with the brands Hitachi, Spectro / Ametek, Bruker, Thermo Fisher, and Malvern Panalytical.

With regard to spectral analysis, we at Fink & Partner currently cooperates with Hitachi, Bruker Spectro / Ametek, and Thermo Fisher.

The Fink & Partner LIMS solution in your laboratory

The [FP]-LIMS is based on three values: simplicity, depth of detail and maximum user-friendliness, so that you don’t lose track of what’s going on. With our LIMS, you benefit not only from a central collection and classification point for all your data but also from an intelligent system that gets the most out of your data. By using our system in your company, all measurement results and other data from many different measurement processes can be easily summarized, compared and displayed using different measurement methods. So you experience the perfect combination of maximum efficiency, attractive time savings, and effective clarity. Get to know the Fink & Partner LIMS solution today and secure central backup and archiving of your measurement data as well as fast and accurate visualization. This makes it possible to create a certificate at any time. This makes the Fink & Partner [FP]-LIMS your ideal companion for everyday laboratory work.

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