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We believe that strong partnerships are the key to successful quality management solutions. Together, we can create a holistic digital ecosystem for laboratories worldwide. With our LIMS partnerships, we take this approach by working with industry leaders. Learn more about our partners.

Our goal is to holistically digitize all aspects of laboratory operations through our strong partnerships. The result is an efficient, automated lab that delivers accurate and reliable results.

We work closely with our partners to develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Together, we pursue the goal of improving the quality of laboratories worldwide.

QCS Rohrpost – Quality Control Systems + Automation Solutions for your lab

LIMS Partner Alliance QCS

QCS Rohrpost GmbH is a leading global supplier of equipment and automation solutions for quality control (QC) of raw, basic, and reprocessed materials. In doing so, the company offers everything from a single source and can look back on many years of experience, which already began at PFAFF Rohrpost GmbH and spans more than 40 years.

QCS Rohrpost GmbH offers its customers a number of unique selling points, which Fink & Partner also defines as such for itself:

  • Individuality: Unlike other suppliers, QCS offers customized quality control systems for its customers. The systems are designed so that customer-specific extensions can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively into the standard automation systems.
  • Dynamics: Thanks to lean and fast ways, the company can develop and implement efficient solutions at the customer’s site. This dynamism allows QCS to remain flexible and responsive to meet customers’ ever-changing requirements.
  • Partnership Connections: The company can develop the appropriate sampling, sample transport, sample preparation, and sample analysis system for virtually any base, raw, or processed material. The focus is on the customer’s needs to ensure close and trusting cooperation.
  • Sustainability: Designed pragmatically and with foresight, the systems are designed to be maintained without great effort. In the event of malfunctions, interventions can be made quickly and without delay to maintain the production process.

Please read our latest blog post “QCS Rohrpost: The automation specialist for Quality Control Systems”.

Whitepaper: A Shared Vision for the Digitization of the Laboratory

Together with QCS Rohrpost we aim to help you digitize your workflow through automation and reliable hardware and software. The following questions will be answered in this whitepaper:

✔️ Why partnerships in the lab sector?

✔️ What can each company do for you?

✔️ How do you benefit from the partnership?

RGU – ERP software for foundry or foundry resource planning systems

LIMS Partner Alliance RGU

Since its foundation in 1984, RGU has built a strong bond with the foundry industry, which is reflected in its motto, “Cast in Software”. The product range of the Dortmund-based company includes software solutions for the foundry with a high level of detail and standard coverage, which prove their worth, especially in the complex processes of a foundry. All employees are specialists with many years of practical experience in the foundry’s industrial environment and IT. Therefore, they can act as ambassadors between both worlds and provide sound advice based on solid knowledge of the foundry and a wealth of experience beyond the fixed tunnel vision of the IT world.

RGU’s foundry software solutions include:

  • FRP.OPTI:  The FRP system results from more than 30 years of experience and process knowledge gained from over 100 foundries. Unlike conventional ERP systems, this system focuses on the complete path to the raw casting, including all necessary post-processing steps.
  • FRP.kompakt: FRP.kompakt is based on the technology of FRP.OPTI is a powerful, preconfigured system with a modular structure aimed primarily at small and medium-sized foundry companies (SMEs). Thanks to a uniform database, all modules access the same data and thus network the various company divisions.
  • FRP.melt:  FRP.melt is a further development of the renowned software for charge optimization “ks schmelze” from ADV Schulte GmbH, which was acquired by RGU in 2010. In contrast to other solutions on the market, however, FRP.melt goes far beyond the usual scope of functions for charge calculation and focuses on the melting operation and the worker at the furnace.
  • FRP.SAP:  As the world’s leading ERP system, SAP provides end-to-end IT support for the company’s business processes. However, MES/PPS systems, as a link between the ERP system of the company management and the actual production process, cannot be used in a sector-neutral way, especially in the foundry industry. This is where the FRP.SAP solution comes in and offers a solution specifically tailored to the needs of the foundry industry.

Benefit from the strong alliance

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