LIMS FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on LIMS Software

LIMS FAQ: Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our laboratory software [FP]-LIMS. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, just contact us or contact our support directly!

General questions about FP-LIMS

Here you can find the answers to the topic “General questions LIMS FAQ”.

In order to perform your analytical work economically and quickly while maintaining a high level of quality, it is important to have an automated laboratory workflow. Laboratory Information Management Systems such as [FP]-LIMS support you in automating your laboratory processes. Unlike other LIMS, [FP]-LIMS adapts completely to your specific needs and requirements, because: Laboratory processes differ in every laboratory.

A LIMS software solution can make your workflow extremely easy. Our [FP] LIMS simplifies analysis administration and sample management and completely eliminates paperwork. The LIMS streamlines your laboratory processes, thereby improving your efficiency and saving you time and money.

With our LIMS software, you take an important step towards digitization and this helps you to position yourself for the long term in a future-proof and flexible way.

When it makes sense to introduce a LIMS system always depends very much on the individual requirements of one’s own laboratory organization. In principle, however, it can be said that a LIMS is always useful when a laboratory has the task of performing tests on test objects. This is particularly important if a laboratory is seeking accreditation, because it is then all the more important to be able to prove that data acquisition is reliable and traceable at all times. If results are doubted after a sampling, a continuous proof of the work steps as well as the results is of immense importance.

In addition, there are still many laboratories that record their data using Excel tables or other isolated solutions, whereby a secure audit trail is not feasible. Even then, one should think about introducing a LIMS in order to be able to continue to meet the quality level required by legislation in the future.

Are you looking for flexible and powerful LIMS software? Our thousands of customers worldwide in a wide range of industries had the same intention. Become one of many happy users of [FP]-LIMS!

[FP]-LIMS comprehensive features even in the smallest version, clear structure and high flexibility is highly appreciated by our customers. Most important to us however is that [FP]-LIMS is highly practical in use, to provide this our development team is constantly developing and optimizing the software.

Please feel free to arrange a completely free and non-binding demo appointment, in which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.

Offering our powerful [FP]-LIMS system to a very competitive price makes us immensely proud. You can purchase [FP]-LIMS Light (suitable for one user with integration of a measuring device) for only $3,600. Our Standard and Professional version are similarly inexpensive.

By the way: All our prices are fixed prices unless you decide to sign a service contract. Enjoy a powerful long-term LIMS with one investment.

 [FP]-LIMS high flexibility convinced companies worldwide to use the software in their laboratories. Evident is the flexibility both in the software (customizable and adaptable parameters and features) and the application.

Flexibility is a huge factor in the development of [FP]-LIMS so that the software can be used in a wide variety of industries and adapts perfectly to it’s requirements. The big amount of standard interfaces provided with the software and the option of individual developed interfaces allows [FP]-LIMS to be used with nearly every measurement device.

Yes, the user interface of [FP]-LIMS is also available in English by default. The high flexibility of the software also makes it possible for you to independently integrate any other language at any time via an import function.

The manual can be accessed in various ways.

  1. In the software and web program, a context-sensitive manual can be called up by pressing the “F1” key. (This function is not available in Windows XP).
  2. In the software and web program, the PDF can be opened via the “Show Help” menu item of the “Help” category. For this, the path to the manual must be configured in the system setup under “General system fields”.
  3. You can also find the PDFs in the “Manuals” directory of your software or web installation.
  4. If you cannot find a solution to your problem in the manual, please contact support.

You can usually find the log of the program and its services in the temporary files directory. However, you can change the path for the log files and the depth and lifetime of the log in the Terminal Setup menu of the Configuration category under Log.

You can find out the version of your software installation by calling up the “About…” menu item in the “Help” category. If you have a maintenance contract, you can call up the “Release Notes” menu item in the portal and read about all changes up to the current version. If you do not have a maintenance contract, please contact the support for information about an update.

We frequently transfer existing databases to [FP]-LIMS with ease. Keep your data and gain a powerful long-term LIMS software solution for your workflow optimization.

Don’t worry: During the process we are always by your side to make sure the transition is to your satisfactory.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Questions about the functionalities of the LIMS

Here we answer your questions about the topic “Functionalities of LIMS FAQ”.

[FP]-LIMS is a very powerful software and offers several functionalities already in the basic version. Depending on the requirement level and the individual starting position, we recommend one of our three LIMS versions[FP]-LIMS Light, [FP]-LIMS Standard, or [FP]-LIMS Professional. If you book the latter version, you also have the option of adding further functionalities in the form of modules. Due to this modular structure, it is thus possible for you to put together exactly the functionalities that you need for your laboratory.

Yes, users can adapt and extend our LIMS software [FP]-LIMS to a large extent themselves and without support from Fink & Partner. Certain tools are available in the system for this purpose. After a one-time training, you can customize certain functions and fields completely on your own. No matter whether the creation of additional input forms, reports, evaluations, statistics, or other modifications: Simply adjust fields yourself or define templates. Of course, the Fink & Partner team will be happy to support you if you are unsure.

Under the tab item “Base tables” you will find the option “Sort configuration”.

Create a new sorting configuration, edit an existing one, delete one that is no longer needed or copy one of the existing configurations.

Then define which field represents the first prioritization, which the second, and which the further prioritizations. In case of the same value, the next field will be used for sorting. This saves you a lot of time when comparing analysis data and increases the efficiency of your work.

You can centrally manage user rights in the LIMS software at any time. You can define and assign access permissions and release levels independently. Access permissions can be defined completely freely at the user level. However, for the sake of clarity, we always recommend defining group permissions.

Yes, the connection to upper-level systems such as an ERP is no problem with the LIMS software. Please inform yourself on our ERP module page about the corresponding possibilities.

Questions about error messages in LIMS

Here we answer your questions about the topic “Error messages in LIMS FAQ”.

Usually, the reason for this is the cache of the browser you are using. Clear the browser cache and restart the browser. If the problem persists, please contact support.

If only one image appears at startup instead of a sequence of images indicating the loading process, the components of the web program have not been loaded. Please contact your IT to fix the problem. In the web installation, there is a folder “ext-4-2-1” under “resources/lib”. If this folder is not present or does not contain any files, there is usually still an “” in the directory and it can be unzipped. If the problem still exists, please contact support.

First, report the problem to your IT. They will then check whether all [FP]LIMS or DIA services are running. If all services are running correctly, open the log of the services (DIA-JS000.log). The log documents any errors that may have occurred. If there is no known solution to the problem, please contact our support.

A default printer must be set so that your software can create printouts. You can set the default printer in the Windows Control Panel under “Devices and Printers”. The Qualities dialog also requires a default printer to open and can therefore be used for testing.

Please check the print spooler service. This must be activated.

If the type is not available, a database entry is missing. Please contact your IT to add the entry manually. The corresponding SQL statement is: “INSERT INTO [dia].[dia].PLAUSIBILITY VALUES (N’BATCH_TYP’, N’EX’, N’Run batch’, N’Run batch’)”. If you do not have a way to manually add entries to the database, or the problem persists, please contact our support.

If this message appears, the service account for the [FP] LIMS service is used for a login to the server. We recommend a separate user account for the service, which does not allow logging in.