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analysis management module fp lims

Analysis Management

With the analysis management module, you combine and integrate all relevant samples and process information, and manage data centrally in one database. Price/performance, flexibility, and practicability – these are the distinguishing features of [FP]-LIMS analysis management.

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inspection order management module fp lims

Inspection Order Management

The [FP]-LIMS inspection order management is particularly suitable for laboratories with a wide range of services and non-standardized sample structure. With the help of inspection order management, you can create and manage orders for complex individual tests.

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input dialogue module fp lims

Input Dialogue

With the [FP]-LIMS input dialog, you can record manual measurements or measurement data in a matter of minutes. It is always the right solution when data that cannot be technically transmitted to the software via a corresponding device interface must be recorded quickly.

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icp module fp lims

ICP Module

The [FP]-LIMS ICP module offers you an appealing display of your ICP measurements to simplify your analysis and save time. Regardless of the model or manufacturer of the measuring device, it prepares all measurement data securely and transparently for you.

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recipe management fp lims

Recipe Management

With [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management we offer you a simple and secure software solution to manage the manufacturing procedures of your products. Easily create new products and compositions and secure your most important company asset.

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Module ERP

[FP]-LIMS is a flexible LIMS and offers many advantages for your laboratory management. The ERP module enables an uncomplicated and secure connection to your higher-level ERP system via an interface.

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browser interface laborsoftware fp lims

Browser Interface

The [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface provides a simple, fast, and professional way to make selected information from the LIMS available to other users within the company.

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workflow management laborsoftware fp lims

Workflow Management

The idea behind [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management is to create a way to control processes in the laboratory that traditionally have nothing to do with the analysis itself.

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Electronic laboratory notebook eln [FP]-LIMS

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

The [FP]-LIMS ELN module allows you to collect measurement data on the go and organize your own work.

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LIMS Software Resource Management

Available soon: Resource Management

Increase the productivity of your laboratory and make efficient use of the available human and machine resources. Our soon available add-on module “Resource Management & Scheduling” supports you in doing so.

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