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Recipe management: Create and manage recipes

Secure documentation of recipes

Securing the know-how

Simple recipe management

With [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management, we offer you a simple, professional, and, above all, secure software solution to manage the manufacturing procedures of your products. Easily create new products and recipe compositions and secure your most important company capital.

With this module, we provide you with a simple and consistent solution to manage your product recipes and protect them from unauthorized third parties through high-quality security measures. Ensure that no know-how is lost and manage all recipes centrally in one system.

Important Functions at a Glance

Create and manage recipes

Especially in the production of products with a more complex composition, such as in the chemical industry, the secure documentation of recipes is immensely important. With [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management, we offer you a highly efficient tool for the secure, central organization and management of your individual recipes. Create alternative formulations and manage alternative raw materials.

Secure protection from unauthorized persons

We are aware that your individual product recipes are your most important asset. Thanks to intelligent protective measures integrated in the software, your recipes are therefore protected from the eyes of unauthorized persons at all times. Internally, you can easily control access to the recipe module via corresponding user authorizations, so that only those who are supposed to have access can do so.

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Advantages of FP-LIMS Recipe Management


Easily access [FP]-LIMS from anywhere.


The LIMS software is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use.


Respond flexibly to requirements and easily adjust values & fields yourself.


Extensive functions even in the basic version – that is [FP]-LIMS recipe management.


Price/performance – that’s our software. Discover the available versions.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Frequently asked questions about FP-LIMS Recipe Management

Fink & Partner‘s recipe management is a simple and reliable way to securely manage your individual and secret product recipes. From experience, it is often used in companies that manufacture very complex products with many different ingredients and want to remain flexible in the product composition. Always with the focus on maintaining the quality standard of the product. For example, [FP]-LIMS recipe management is used intensively in the chemical industry, but other application scenarios are of course conceivable.

Please feel free to arrange a completely free and non-binding LIMS software demo, in which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.

Yes, your data is secure in [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management.
Not only do we rely on intelligent security measures within the system, but you also have the individual option of granting or revoking access to the recipes for different users via corresponding authorizations.

Please feel free to arrange a completely free and non-binding demo appointment, during which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.