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LIMS Utilities & Municipal Utilities: Many industrial laboratories are characterized by high-quality standards. Especially in the fields of energy production or energy supply, water management, and waste disposal, public utilities must comply with strict legal regulations. These stipulate, for example, which substances may be used and how waste products must be disposed of. The laboratories used in these industries must therefore meet very high requirements in terms of their equipment and the qualifications of their employees.

Municipal utilities & utility companies generate a lot of data every day that needs to be managed. Data from water and wastewater treatment, electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications must be collected, processed, and analyzed to ensure the smooth operation of the utility. In the past, this data was managed primarily through paper-based systems. However, these systems are no longer sufficient in today’s digital world.

The [FP]-LIMS software solution enables you to accelerate your scientific discoveries and optimize laboratory operations. Designed for use in all industries, the software provides an efficient way to manage your analytical data centrally. With the [FP]-LIMS solution, you can improve your lab operations and make faster and better decisions.

[FP]-LIMS helps utilities & municipalities to improve data quality, optimize workflows, reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency. Companies worldwide from a wide range of industries have been successfully using the LIMS software for several years. Digitizing quality processes in municipal utilities has never been easier with [FP]-LIMS.

In the following points, we have summarized the most important functionalities of the LIMS software for you. Please feel free to arrange a free LIMS demo in which we will give you an insight into the software and together analyze how [FP]-LIMS can optimally organize the laboratory processes in your company.

LIMS Utilities & Public Utilities: Areas in which the LIMS is successfully used

  • Energy supply: Power generation / Power supply

    LIMS Energy Supply Electricity Solar Wind Power

  • Water management: waterworks & wastewater treatment

    Water management Wastewater treatment plant Waterworks

  • Disposal: Waste disposal & sewage disposal

    LIMS waste disposal wastewater disposal

Industries handout "Utilities"

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LIMS Utilities & Public Utilities: Important modules at a glance

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Workflow Management System

The [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management System helps to centrally control laboratory-related business processes such as releases or complaint processes.

Learn more about workflow management.

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

Laboratory personnel can conveniently manage inspection orders and tasks using their mobile devices with the help of [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), without having to rely on desktop PCs for access.

Learn more about the electronic laboratory notebook.

Advantages of LIMS for utilities & public utilities

Proven LIMS for utilities

[FP]-LIMS is already in use in several labs worldwide. Our customers are enthusiastic about the range of functions and the flexibility.

Adaptable & flexible

Are you looking for a LIMS that adapts to your individual requirements? Simply individualize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself.

Cost effective & efficient

Manage your laboratory data centrally with our [FP]-LIMS. Our customers have always appreciated the price-performance strength of the solution.

For all measurement devices

Our [FP]-LIMS offers as standard several interfaces to instrument manufacturers such as Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick, Spectro Ametek, and many more.

Price-performance ratio

Fink & Partner offers different versions for the most diverse requirements. [FP]-LIMS is always the right solution.

Practical LIMS solution

 We at Fink & Partner are true laboratory process experts. Many customers worldwide rely on the LIMS and are enthusiastic about its high practicability in use.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Handout "LIMS selection criteria"

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