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    The German analytical instrumentation and biotechnology company Analytik Jena, headquartered in Jena, Germany, has been in existence since 1990. With 1,100 employees, the company generates total annual sales of over 121 million euros. The company is represented in more than 120 countries and generates more than 60% of its sales abroad.

    Analytik Jena is part of the Endress+Hauser Group, a Swiss provider of process technology. The company offers a wide range of products, particularly in the field of bioanalytical applications and the life sciences.

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    Measuring instruments from Analytik Jena analysis

    The powerful instruments from Analytik Jena analysis are able to carry out analyses of substances of all states of aggregation. The products are used in the environmental, food, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural industries. The measuring instruments for atomic spectrometry (AAS/ AFS), optical emission spectrometry (OES), mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and molecular spectroscopy (NIR) are particularly popular.

    Overview of application areas for Analytik Jena products

    Elemental analysis:

    • AAS
    • ICP-MS
    • ICP-OES
    • C/N/S/CI Elemental Analyzers
    • Accessories for Elemental Analysis

    Life Science:

    • PCR & qPCR
    • Micro-volume Spectrophotometer
    • UVP Biolmaging Systems
    • Electrophoresis & Blotting
    • Homogenization
    • Kits & Assays
    • Reagents

    Liquid Handling & Automation:

    • Flexible Benchtop Automation
    • Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction
    • High Throughput Liquid Handling
    • Automated PCR and qPCR
    • Lab Automation

    Analytik Jena in connection with the LIMS from Fink & Partner

    We at Fink & Partner are proud to work with a company like Analytik Jena. Whether in the USA, India, or Poland – the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art measuring instruments work with our [FP]-LIMS software all over the world. Powerful interfaces make it possible to make work in laboratories worldwide more productive and automated with the help of [FP]-LIMS software.

    The instrument communicates with the software by exchanging raw data. This enables us to display highly complex structures and data connections in a user-friendly and highly intuitive way. What does this mean for your measurements? High analytical quality is ensured for measurements with Analytik Jena’s measuring instruments in conjunction with [FP]-LIMS.

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