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LIMS software for efficient laboratory management

– That’s what matters –

Controlling a LIMS laboratory as economically and efficiently as possible – that is the main task of laboratory management. In the age of Industry 4.0, aspects such as digitalization and automation are particularly important in modern laboratory management. Only those who understand that it is a matter of optimizing and automating laboratory processes in the best possible way can secure an important lead in the market.  The introduction of LIMS software is a significant and reliable first step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Our experience shows that companies that hold their own in the market make the introduction of a LIMS software a matter for the boss in order to take the decisive step forward in digitalization. They develop an eye for their individual laboratory processes and how they can optimize them in the long term. Always with the goal in mind of securing the future viability of the company.

Why is [FP] LIMS software particularly suitable for this? Because our LIMS software adapts to your individual requirements and processes – not the other way around. In over 30 years of company history, Fink & Partner has developed a high-performance LIMS software that is valued above all for its high flexibility. It is suitable for any level of requirement: whether it is a single installation with only one measuring device connected or an extensive, globally operating laboratory complex with hundreds of measuring devices: [FP]-LIMS software offers the right solution for every challenge.

Our customers also appreciate the price-performance ratio of [FP]-LIMS LIMS software. Our aim is to offer all our customers from a wide range of industries and company sizes powerful software at an attractive price.

Please feel free to inform yourself about the features of our software below and do not hesitate to arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to give you an insight into the software and analyze together how [FP]-LIMS can optimally support your laboratory processes.

That is why our LIMS software is particularly suitable for this purpose

– A LIMS software for maximum practice success –

Extensive functions

[FP]-LIMS offers extensive functionalities even in the light version. The LIMS software is optimally tailored to the requirements of operating laboratories and convinces across the board.

Impressive flexibility

Are you looking for a laboratory software with a high degree of flexibility? You have found it with [FP]-LIMS. It adapts completely to your individual business requirements – not the other way around.

Optimal price performance

We are proud to offer you a highly functional LIMS software at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. That’s why we communicate our prices quite transparently.

Proven laboratory solution

Based on over 30 years of experience [FP]-LIMS software has been developed for performing, tracking, validating, and documenting measurements. It has also been continuously enhanced with user feedback.

Global awareness

More than 6000 installations around the world – international customers from numerous industries and with different focuses have relied on the proven [FP]LIMS software, in some cases for decades.

We speak your language!

We are true laboratory process experts and know what functions LIMS software must offer to optimally support your laboratory processes. This is reflected both in the functionalities of the software and in the terminology used.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Some of our customers

– Strong results through consistent use of [FP]-LIMS software –

Ingo Loop STANNOL LIMS Software Anwender

Ingo Lomp
Head of Innovation at STANNOL

“We were able to reduce our documentation effort in the lab by 80%. For me, the [FP]-LIMS is unrivaled in the market in terms of price & performance.”

Volker Staat Compo LIMS Software Anwender

Volker Staat
Chemical Laboratory Assistant &
LIMS Administrator at COMPO Expert GmbH

“We couldn’t do what we do today if we didn’t have [FP]-LIMS. We use the LIMS intensively every day.”

Stefan Zorn Head of Chemical Laboratories Agosi

Stefan Zorn
Head of the chemical laboratories at AGOSI

“From the beginning, I was fascinated by how open the [FP] LIMS is and how many possibilities it gives you to make your own adjustments. “

FP-LIMS Software Modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –

LIMS Software Functions

analysis management module fp lims

Analysis Management

With the analysis management module, you can combine and integrate all relevant sample and process information in one database. Price/performance, flexibility, and practicability – these are the distinguishing features of [FP]-LIMS Analysis Management.

Learn more about analysis management >>

inspection order management module fp lims

Inspection Order Management

The [FP]-LIMS inspection order management is particularly suitable for laboratories with a wide range of services and non-standardized sample structure. With the help of the module, you can create and manage orders for complex individual tests.

Learn more about inspection order management >>

input dialogue module fp lims

Input Dialogue

With the [FP]-LIMS input dialog, you can record manual measurements or data in a matter of minutes. It is always the right solution when data that cannot be technically transmitted to the software via a corresponding device interface must be recorded quickly.

Learn more about the input dialogue >>

icp module fp lims


The [FP]-LIMS ICP module offers you an appealing display of your ICP measurements to simplify your analysis and save time. It prepares all measurement data securely and transparently for you – easy and practically.

Learn more about the ICP module >>

recipe management fp lims

Recipe Management

With [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management we offer you a secure software solution to manage the manufacturing procedures of your products. Easily create new compositions and products and secure your most important company asset. 

Learn more about recipe management >>


Module ERP

[FP]-LIMS is a high-performance, flexible LIMS and offers many advantages for your laboratory management. The ERP module enables secure and uncomplicated connection to your higher-level ERP system via a corresponding interface.

Learn more about the module ERP >>

browser interface LIMS software fp lims

Browser Interface

The [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface provides a simple, fast and professional way to make selected information from the LIMS available to other users within the company.

Learn more about browser interface >>

workflow management lims software fp lims

Workflow Management

In every laboratory, work steps occur apart from the analysis. [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management offers a way to create a way to control processes in the laboratory that have nothing to do with the analysis itself.

Learn more about workflow management >>

Electronic laboratory notebook eln [FP]-LIMS

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

Do you want to be able to enter laboratory data into your LIMS on a mobile basis and without a large desktop computer? Then the electronic laboratory notebook from [FP]-LIMS is exactly what you need. In addition to this function, a laboratory employee can also organize his or her own work on the move using the ELN module.

Learn more about the electronic laboratory notebook »

LIMS software: Extensive key features – included as standard in every set-up

Analysis Desktop

Analysis desktop with configurable views & tables, analysis filter, color display for quality violations, quick search


Freely configurable analysis detail view per method, editor function

Configurable formats

Tables, detail formats, reports, print formats

Qualities & Features

Manage qualities, quality violations, accuracy for value limits, version management


Management of characteristics, ident fields, dimensions, conversion factors, dynamic decimal places

Archive & Track

Archive Function

User Management

Language settings, user accounts/groups, rights groups

Extension options

Service contract, upgrade

LIMS Software FP-LIMS – Frequently asked questions

– Any questions? Here are the answers. –

In order to carry out your analytical work economically and quickly at a high level of quality, an automated laboratory workflow is important. Laboratory Information Management Systems such as our [FP]-LIMS start exactly there and support you in automating your laboratory processes. [FP]-LIMS adapts completely to your specific needs and requirements, because: No two laboratory processes are the same.

LIMS software can extremely simplify laboratory processes. Our [FP]-LIMS simplifies analysis administration and sample management and completely eliminates paperwork. The LIMS streamlines your laboratory processes, thereby improving productivity and saving a lot of effort and costs.

Our LIMS software is thus an important step towards digitization and helps you to position yourself for the long term in a future-proof and flexible way.

Are you looking for powerful and flexible LIMS laboratory software? Then you are like our thousands of customers worldwide from a wide range of industries who are already using [FP]-LIMS.

The feedback is clear: [FP]-LIMS convinces with its clear structure, comprehensive features even in the smallest version and especially with its high flexibility. Above all, it is important to us that the software is highly practical in use, which is why it is constantly being further developed and optimized by our team of developers.

Make sure to arrange a LIMS demo appointment, in which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.

When it makes sense to introduce a LIMS system always depends very much on the individual requirements of one’s own laboratory organization. In principle, however, it can be said that a LIMS is always useful when a laboratory has the task of performing tests on test objects. This is particularly important if a laboratory is seeking accreditation because it is then all the more important to be able to prove that data acquisition is reliable and traceable at all times. If results are doubted after a sampling, continuous proof of the working steps, as well as the results, is of immense importance.

There are still many laboratories that record their data using Excel tables or other isolated solutions. A secure audit trail is not feasible. Even then, one should think about introducing a LIMS in order to be able to continue to meet the quality level required by legislation in the future.

[FP]-LIMS is a very powerful software and offers several functionalities already in the basic version. Depending on the requirement level and the individual starting position, we recommend one of our three LIMS versions: [FP]-LIMS Light, [FP]-LIMS Standard or [FP]-LIMS Professional. If you book the latter version, you also have the option of adding further functionalities in the form of modules. Due to this modular structure, it is thus possible for you to put together exactly the functionalities that you need for your laboratory.

A major unique selling point – and this is also what our customers worldwide appreciate about our LIMS software – is its high flexibility.
This is evident both in the software itself (many features and parameters can be adapted independently and flexibly by the user), but also in the flexibility of the application.

Our [FP]-LIMS laboratory software is so flexibly designed that it can be used in a wide variety of industries, but also from the smallest laboratory to the largest laboratory complex in a corporate group. You also don’t need to worry about the interface connection to your measuring instruments – a variety of interfaces to many well-known measuring instruments are included as standard.

We are very proud that we can offer a practical LIMS system with many functions at a very competitive price. In concrete terms, this means that our [FP]-LIMS Light (suitable for one user with the integration of a measuring device) is available for as little as $3,600 – so LIMS prices are very attractive.  But also the other versions for more demanding tasks are comparatively inexpensive. You will be amazed!

Notice: Unless you decide to sign a service contract, all our prices are fixed prices. Only invest once and enjoy your powerful LIMS for a long time.

Yes, users can adapt and extend our LIMS software [FP]-LIMS to a large extent themselves and without support from Fink & Partner. Certain tools are available in the system for this purpose. After a one-time training, you can customize certain functions and fields completely on your own. No matter whether the creation of additional input forms, reports, evaluations, statistics or other modifications: Simply adjust fields yourself or define templates. Of course, the Fink & Partner team will be happy to assist you if you are unsure.

Yes, [FP]-LIMS is also available in English by default. Also, the high flexibility of the software makes it possible for you to independently integrate any other language at any time via an import function.

You can centrally manage user rights in the software at any time. You can define and assign access rights and release levels independently.  Access permissions can be defined completely freely at user level. However, for the sake of clarity, we always recommend defining group permissions.

Don’t worry: The connection to upper level systems such as an ERP is no problem at all with the LIMS software. Please check out our ERP-module page to learn more about the corresponding possibilities.

A migration of your data from any external system to [FP]-LIMS is flawlessly executed by our experienced team within a reasonable amount of effort. You keep all your data and get a fast and reliable LIMS system.

Do not worry: We will accompany you at every step and take every challenge head on. We happily consult you about your current situation and future steps in a personal meeting.