The Hitachi High-Technologies Group, formerly known as Worldwide Analytical Systems GmbH, has become a major player in the materials testing industry within a short period of time. As a division of the Japanese umbrella company Hitachi, the company comes from a technical and mechanical engineering oriented environment. The Hitachi High-Technologie Group emphasizes the company’s own philosophy, which not only sees the company as a supplier of quality measuring instruments but also strives to always find the most suitable and effective measuring technology solutions for its customers.

Successful career and profile expansion

The Hitachi High-Technologies Group is able to distinguish itself in particular through its specialization in high-tech solutions and focuses on semiconductor technology, which is reflected in its universally applicable and easy-to-use products. The takeover of the measurement technology division of Oxford Instruments in July 2017 further expanded the company’s expertise and know-how in the field of industrial analysis. The Hitachi Group now offers analytical instruments that can be used in a wide range of applications between laboratories and industry.

Why not store your stationary OES analysis data from Hitachi High-Tech devices in a LIMS database?

All-rounder in measurement and testing technology

The product spectrum ranges from X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) handheld instruments such as the Vulcan metal analyzer for fast and mobile testing of materials to XRF table-top instruments such as the X-Strata series for precise results with low operating costs. In addition, Hitachi High-Technologies Group produces Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) for detailed inspection of metals at goods receipt, within the production chain, and in recycling processes. According to customer statements, the devices are characterized by above-average accuracy, understandable operation and the numerous possibilities for interfaces to other products of the test procedures.

Which areas of application are the devices suitable for?

The areas of application in practice are manifold and range from coating thickness measurements in the mechanical engineering sector to analysis processes in electronics and use in the mining sector. For the customer, the advantages of purchasing a testing device outweigh the advantages, since reliable control of the materials decisively reduces the risks of the further production chain. In particular, cost-intensive recalls can be prevented with the use of Hitachi equipment, which justifies the purchase and prevents potential damage to the company.

Hitachi High-Tech & FP-LIMS: Compatibility with the LIMS from Fink & Partner

Among others, the X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA /XRF) and OES products of Hitachi High-Technologies Group are compatible with the application of [FP]-LIMS. The powerful interfaces enable smooth communication between the system and the device.

The Hitachi High-Technologies Group’s high-quality measuring instruments are ideally suited for innovative raw data processing technology. This makes the LIMS from Fink & Partner unique. During development, we made sure that the LIMS not only runs without complications with the end devices of our partners but also adapts to the specific characteristics of the manufacturers and thus enables profitable cooperation.

Our partnership with Hitachi High-Tech Group

The cooperation with one of the leading suppliers of measurement solutions for laboratory equipment fills us with pride. The involvement in the development of the instruments helps us to offer our customers highly individually adapted software. Our users praise again and again the automatic transmission of raw data from the measuring instruments to the system. The powerful software with an intuitively designed user interface makes it possible to quickly increase productivity. Even the complicated market launch of drugs is accelerated by the simple processes and standardized process flows.

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