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– Effective laboratory processes regardless of industry, company size, or measurement method –

Thanks to our expert knowledge in the field of laboratory analytics, we at Fink & Partner offer you attractive system solutions for a wide range of requirements with our [FP]-LIMS system. With our LIMS software, we have always placed great emphasis on a high degree of practicability and flexibility in use – regardless of the application, industry, company size, or measurement methods used.

This enables the [FP]-LIMS software to adapt to your individual requirements and wishes. Always linked to the goal of optimizing your laboratory processes in the best possible way and creating added value for you. Find LIMS system solutions for various applications below.

LIMS system solutions for your success

– Software as flexible as your requirements –


We offer you LIMS software that adapts to your individual requirements, not vice versa. Several settings and functionalities can therefore be freely and independently configured or individualized.

For every industry

Our LIMS software can be used in the laboratories of various industries. No matter which measuring method/measuring devices are used or laboratory processes are to be mapped: [FP]-LIMS is fully applicable regardless of the industry.


  [FP]-LIMS is a viable LIMS solution at an adequate price. Providing a powerful software solution for laboratory management regardless of company size or application area – that’s the focus.


[FP]-LIMS offers extensive functionalities even in the light version. This makes it possible for you to easily digitize your laboratory processes even in the smallest version and thus benefit from the advantages of the LIMS software as quickly as possible. Flexibly choose the version and any additional modules that suit you best.

For any size of company

The high flexibility of the LIMS software enables uncomplicated laboratory use regardless of the size of the company. Whether a single installation with only one measuring device or a complex network with several laboratories worldwide: [FP]-LIMS works.

Several interfaces

A functioning, effective LIMS system also includes an uncomplicated connection to measuring devices and other IT systems. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer you a number of interfaces to measuring devices and IT systems such as ERP systems as standard.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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LIMS system solutions by industry

– In these industries, [FP]-LIMS unfolds its full power –

LIMS System Solution Aluminum


LIMS software in aluminum production simplifies laboratory processes, reduces documentation efforts, and thus increases the quality of the entire workflow in the aluminum industry.

View Industry Solution Aluminum >>

LIMS System Solution Automotive


The automotive industry has very specific requirements in the area of production and foundry. In the production of automobiles very special materials and measurement processes are used, which are optimally supported by our [FP]-LIMS.

View automotive industry solution >>

LIMS System Solution Chemistry


Professional measurements are of great importance in the chemical industry. Our [FP]-LIMS system ensures consistently high measurement quality and supports all laboratory processes in the chemical industry.

View industry solution chemistry >>

LIMS System Solution Foundry


Like in many other industries the need for data transparency and data visualization grows constantly. [FP]-LIMS laboratory software provides you with a solution for all the increasing requirements and standards in the foundry industry.

View industry solution foundry >>

LIMS System Solution Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Digitization and automation are increasingly taking on a central role in the modern mechanical engineering industry. These mechanisms are intended to reduce costs, optimize manufacturing and, last but not least, increase quality.

View industry solution mechanical engineering >>

LIMS System Solution Metal Trade

Metal trade

In times of digitalization and Industry 4.0, it is particularly important to manage data volumes as economically and efficiently as possible.  Our metal trade [FP]-LIMS is an effective way to centrally manage all accumulating laboratory data.

View industry solution metal trade >>

LIMS System Solution Metal Finishing

Metal finishing

Our metal finishing [FP]-LIMS can help to centrally and transparently manage the laboratory data generated in a metal processing plant.

View industry solution metal finishing >>

LIMS System Solution Non ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

The Non-ferrous metals LIMS can help you professionally manage all accruing laboratory data and take the next important step toward digitalization and Industry 4.0.

View NF Metals industry solution >>

LIMS System Solution Testing Labs

Testing lab

Data accumulating in a testing lab must be collected, analyzed, networked, and securely stored. Our [FP]-LIMS supports test laboratories in all their small and large challenges.

View industry solution testing lab >>

LIMS System Solution Recycling


Modern and highly practical LIMS software for the collection, preparation, management and evaluation of all data generated in the laboratory. With [FP]-LIMS we provide you with a proven and powerful way to centrally manage your laboratory data.

View industry solution Recycling >>

LIMS System Solution Steel


Production in a modern steel mill implies many workflows and measurement procedures, which is why the laboratory technicians and steel experts deal with many measurement results. This laboratory data must be carefully collected, evaluated, managed, and archived.

View industry solution steel >>

LIMS System Solution Cement


 One of the biggest challenges that cement plants also face today is managing the amount of data as efficiently and economically as possible. A cement LIMS can help to centrally and transparently manage and visualize the laboratory data accumulating in a cement plant.

View industry solution cement >>

LIMS system solutions by company size

[FP]-LIMS is optimally suited for any size of company –

LIMS System Solution Standalone for Single Users


Do you want to manage your laboratory data professionally, but only need one installation? Only one measuring device needs to be connected to the LIMS system? Then our [FP]-LIMS Light is the perfect LIMS system solution for you.

Find out more about [FP]-LIMS Light >>

LIMS System Solution SMEs


You would describe yourself as a small or medium-sized company? Your lab team consists of several users and several measuring devices need to be connected? With [FP]-LIMS we support the requirements of SME laboratories.

Find out more about [FP]-LIMS Standard >>

LIMS System Solution for Groups


Are you a multi-site company with a global laboratory network and a large number of users? Do you have several measuring devices in use whose data should be recorded centrally? Our [FP]-LIMS meets the high requirements!

Find out more about [FP]-LIMS Professional >>

LIMS Consulting

– Professional consulting on the LIMS implementation –

The introduction of a LIMS can be an important step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0. The goal of implementation should always be to map the laboratory processes in the LIMS system in such a way that the laboratory software provides optimal support in the control of all workflows. However, this also means analyzing the existing processes and scrutinizing individual process steps in advance of the LIMS implementation.

The Fink & Partner team can look back on more than 30 years of experience in the analysis, evaluation, documentation, and tracing of data. In the course of time, we have become acquainted with numerous laboratory processes in a wide variety of industries and companies, and we have supervised a number of LIMS implementations. You can rely on our expertise in LIMS consulting. We will be happy to analyze your individual company processes and work with you to develop possible optimization measures based on our expertise.

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Individual programming through add-ons

– Individual solutions for your challenges –

Laboratory processes are sometimes highly individual, as we know thanks to almost 30 years on the market. Sometimes there are workflows or requirements that are so individual or specific to your company that they cannot be mapped using a standard software solution. For these cases we offer individual programming via add-ons. Our developers are looking forward to your requirements!