LIMS Testing labs: Digitize laboratory processes with LIMS

Manage lab data professionally

Effective data analysis

Quality assurance with LIMS

A testing laboratory with accreditation plays an important role in the quality assurance of end products in all industrial sectors. This already starts in the incoming goods department with the testing of delivered materials. Test steps are integrated into the production process and the final inspection of the products also frequently requires testing of certain parameters in the laboratory. For this purpose, testing laboratories calibrate themselves precisely, not least to prove their conformity. The data generated during laboratory processes must be collected, analyzed, networked, and stored securely.

Test samples must also be managed, and the path of each individual batch of material must be traceable all the way to the goods issue. Added to this is ensuring and documenting the correct calibration of the test equipment used: this is the domain of LIMS systems.

The [FP]-LIMS works with raw data.

If materials are examined in test laboratories, the LIMS stores the raw data of the measurements. Advantage: If a previously undetected defect subsequently occurs in the products, the raw data can be analyzed. This makes it possible to determine the affected batch in which these defects first occurred. Thanks to digitized data, expensive product recalls are a thing of the past. The affected products can now be removed from circulation in a targeted manner.

The abbreviation LIMS stands for Laboratory Information and Management System. This refers to software that records and evaluates measurement data in the manner described above, as well as managing the work of the laboratory and the testing technology used. Fink & Partner GmbH has been active in this field since 1992 and is a well-known software provider in the testing laboratory sector. In close cooperation with customers and laboratory equipment manufacturers, the software system has been developed from a pure solution for managing and processing measurement results in materials testing into a comprehensive product family that can be used in almost all industries and also includes quality assurance functions.

How is our LIMS used in testing laboratories?

With a LIMS, the data of a testing laboratory can be digitized. The modules analysis, recipe and test order management, as well as the input dialog are used in the test laboratories. In conjunction with test procedures, data can thus be processed efficiently. Measurement methods such as emission spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis, and spectral analyses are used in materials testing.

Test laboratory accreditation – using LIMS systems sensibly and advantageously

The use of such a software system makes sense in order to acquire, store and analyze measurement and analysis data largely automatically. Fink & Partner provides interfaces for data acquisition. These are used to transfer raw data between the measuring device and the software. Fink & Partner has been working with leading manufacturers of laboratory and analysis equipment for many years. We are able to query or develop provided interfaces. Thus, it is also possible to integrate newly acquired laboratory equipment into the existing software system without much effort. We have close partnerships with the manufacturers Hitachi, Spectro, and Thermo Fisher, among others.

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LIMS Testing Labs: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –


Are you looking for a system that enables you to professionally process and evaluate measurement data from ICP devices? The [FP]-LIMS ICP module is exactly what you need.

Find out more about ICP module

Input dialogue

The simpler acquisition of manual measurement data, through the [FP]-LIMS input dialogue, facilitates your daily work in the testing laboratory.

Find out more about input dialogue


We can guarantee an uncomplicated integration of our LIMS into your quality management processes with the [FP]-LIMS ERP module.

Find out more about ERP-module

Browser Interface

The idea of the [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface – is to make relevant laboratory information easily available to other stakeholders within the company.

Find out more about browser interface

Workflow Management System

The [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management System allows you to centrally control laboratory-related business processes, including, for example, releases and complaints processes.

Find out more about workflow management system

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

With the [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory employees can manage inspection orders and tasks effortlessly from their mobile devices, without having to rely on desktop PCs for access.

Find out more about the electronic laboratory notebook.

FP-LIMS Software Application Area - Test Laboratory

Advantages of LIMS Testing Labs

Proven LIMS for testing labs

[FP]-LIMS is already successfully in use in several test laboratories worldwide. Our customers report simplified workflows and other effects.

Adaptable & flexible

Our [FP]-LIMS adapts to your specific business requirements. Simply individualize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself.

Cost effective & efficient

With our [FP]-LIMS, we offer testing laboratories worldwide a low-cost, effective way to centrally manage their laboratory data.

For all measurement devices

Our LIMS has many interfaces: Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick, and Spectro Ametek are among them.

Price-performance ratio

Only $ 3,600 – that’s how much our entry-level version [FP]-LIMS Light costs. Depending on the degree of requirement, we offer you further powerful versions.

Practical LIMS solution

To offer a LIMS solution that is as practical as possible – that’s what we want with [FP]-LIMS. Convince yourself of the advantages and book a LIMS software demo.

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