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Workflow management system: effectively controlling laboratory processes

Control of processes external to the analysis

Document work processes easily

Facilitates everyday laboratory work

In every laboratory, work steps occur apart from the analysis. The idea behind [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management is to effectively create a way of controlling processes in the laboratory that traditionally have nothing to do with the analysis itself. Effective control of lab processes is possible with [FP]-LIMS. Learn more about the functions of the powerful workflow management system and discover the advantages.

FP-LIMS Workflow Management System: Overview of important functions

03-Workflow Management - modify process formats

Define and track processes

Workflow management is one way of providing technical support for business processes. In the laboratory, too, there are a number of processes that need to be managed and documented, but which have nothing to do with the pure analysis process. The [FP]-LIMS Workflow module is a simple way to create processes, assign responsibilities, and track work steps.

Classic use cases

There are several classic areas of application for the [FP]-LIMS workflow management module. For example, it is very easy to create release processes for new products, or complaints can be created and tracked quickly and simply using the tool. The module is already in use by several customers and is very popular.

04-Workflow Management - modify work sequence

Advantages of the Workflow Management System


Easily access [FP]-LIMS from anywhere.


The LIMS software is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use.


Respond flexibly to requirements and easily adjust values & fields yourself.


Extensive functions – that is [FP]-LIMS.


Price/performance – that’s our software. Discover the available versions.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Frequently asked questions about the FP-LIMS Workflow Management System

The [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management Module offers you a simple way to control all processes in the laboratory apart from the classic analyses. Once created, the processes defined by you run completely digitally and represent a considerable simplification of your daily laboratory routine.

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