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ICP module: Process measurement data from ICP devices professionally

Optimal evaluation support

Clear display of the measurements

For all measuring devices

This [FP]-LIMS module provides you with an appealing display of your ICP measurements to simplify your analysis and save time. Regardless of the model or manufacturer of the measuring device, it prepares all measurement data from all ICP devices securely and transparently for you. Manual evaluation and management are thus simplified.

ICP module: Important functions at a glance

Measurement method: Mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS)

Simplification of measurements

The [FP]-LIMS ICP module basically simplifies the evaluation of measurement data by putting them into a clear, comparable structure in the form of a matrix and adding additional relevant information such as control samples for manual evaluation. The clear presentation simplifies the decision-making process for the laboratory technician.

Standardized data structure

The [FP]-LIMS ICP module is always the right solution when several parameters have to be considered in one measurement and a manual decision has to be made by the laboratory technician. It is irrelevant to us from which model or manufacturer the data is supplied. All data is automatically brought to a standard by the system and then transferred to a clear matrix.

Fink & Partner- modules - ICP module

Advantages of the ICP module: Manage measurement data professionally


Easily access the [FP] LIMS module from anywhere.


The LIMS software is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use.


Respond flexibly to requirements and easily adjust values & fields yourself.


Extensive functions – that is [FP]-LIMS.


Price/performance – that’s our software. Discover the available versions.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Frequently asked questions about the ICP module

No, for our [FP]-LIMS system the data source of the measurements is totally irrelevant at first. No matter what data is transmitted by the measuring device, the ICP module puts it into a standardized, comparable structure so that it can be further processed via the system.

The [FP]-LIMS module basically simplifies measurement data evaluation by putting measurement data into a clear, comparable structure and adding additional relevant information for manual evaluation. It is therefore also conceivable to use the ICP module for other measurement methods where manual evaluation must be carried out on the basis of several parameters.