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Advantages and benefits of LIMS system: What our LIMS can do

  • More efficient lab processes

  • Reduction of the error rate and improvement of the measurement quality

  • Reduction of effort and costs

What are the advantages of a LIMS? What are the benefits of introducing a software solution in the laboratory? What can a LIMS actually do?

A laboratory information and management system LIMS stores all the data that accumulates in your laboratory on a daily basis and supports you by automating data exchange and fully integrating all instruments. This ensures transparent tracking of your samples throughout the entire processing cycle and guarantees ideal quality management. Evaluations and reports on all data available in the system complete the functionalities. A LIMS is also an important step in the modernization of workflows and laboratory processes, as it minimizes the amount of paperwork and enables data to be stored in a digital environment.

Thus, in the best case, a LIMS ensures higher efficiency, a reduction in the error rate (thus for better quality management) and it reduces the documentation effort and enables cost savings.

In the following, we have compiled an overview of the LIMS advantages for you.

LIMS Advantages: What are the advantages of LIMS system?

Central management of all laboratory data

Simplify your sample administration and management, automatically eliminating paperwork. [FP]-LIMS enables you to streamline your lab processes, improve your productivity and shorten time to results.

Improving collaboration in the laboratory

Improve collaboration in the lab and with other departments with [FP]-LIMS. Teams don’t have to waste time searching or tracking information in different systems because they can access everything through a single system. Centrally access all data available in real-time. The LIMS system ensures that all information about sample processing and measurements is always available and will not be lost. All quality control and quality assurance guidelines are thus fulfilled and, thanks to central data storage and retrieval, all laboratory staff are always up to date.

Optimization of laboratory processes

The central collection and provision of data makes a significant contribution to the optimization of laboratory processes. More efficient ways of working in the laboratory are ensured by automating core processes such as sample processing or report generation, which has the effect of sustainably increasing productivity.

Minimization of the time required

The time required for daily tasks in the laboratory can be reduced immensely by [FP]-LIMS. Many tasks can be simplified or even fully automated with the help of LIMS software. Example desired? Our customer STANNOL was able to reduce its documentation effort in the laboratory by 80% with [FP]-LIMS!

Cost reduction

By making laboratory processes and workflows more efficient and automated, [FP]-LIMS can lead to significant cost savings. Laboratory staff can once again focus on tasks that add value to the company instead of wasting time on documentation or searching for information. But the LIMS also saves real costs: acquisition costs for paper can be reduced.

Full integration

[FP]-LIMS can be seamlessly integrated into the third-party infrastructure already in use in the laboratory. This includes all measuring devices from well-known manufacturers as well as higher-level IT systems such as an ERP or QM system.

Traceability of all laboratory-related data

[FP]-LIMS allows you to seamlessly document all measurements and changes. This means that you can still retrieve data from concrete measurements decades later and evaluate all related information.

Extensive functions

[FP]-LIMS offers extensive functionalities even in the light version. The LIMS software is optimally tailored to the requirements of operating laboratories and convinces across the board. As experts for the professional acquisition and evaluation of measurement data, we know which functionalities you need and offer you with our [FP]-LIMS a highly practicable solution at a very good price-performance ratio.

Impressive flexibility

Our focus in programming the [FP]-LIMS software has always been the practicability of the software in use in laboratories worldwide and with the most diverse requirements. We offer a LIMS system that adapts to your individual business requirements, not the other way around. Several settings and functionalities can therefore be freely and independently configured or individualized.

Optimal price-performance ratio

Our goal has always been to provide a powerful software solution for laboratory management regardless of company size or application area. Therefore, with [FP]-LIMS we offer a highly functional and practical LIMS solution for your laboratory at an adequate price.

Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation at STANNOL, confirms: “Fink & Partner has been on the market with its LIMS for 30 years, combining experience and innovative strength. Price & performance are unrivaled on the market.”

Proven laboratory solution

Over 6000 installations around the world – we are very proud of this. The [FP]-LIMS software solution has been continuously developed over the last 30 years and is today a high-quality, reliable LIMS system that is appreciated by our customers worldwide.

Global awareness

We are very proud that our [FP]-LIMS software solution is used worldwide. Whether Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, or Australia: customers all over the world have been relying on the proven [FP]-LIMS system for decades in some cases.

We speak your language!

As true experts in the collection, evaluation, and tracking of data in the laboratory, we know your specific needs and what is important in laboratory management. No matter what industry you come from or what measurement method you use: Our experience shows in the smallest detail of our [FP]-LIMS system.

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LIMS Advantages & Benefits: LIMS system for efficient laboratory management

The use of the LIMS system, therefore, brings a number of benefits when used correctly. By using [FP]-LIMS system, laboratories can automate workflows, tests and procedures, integrate instruments, and provide a complete record of all samples, tests, and results in the system via secure and comprehensive audit trails. Not without reason, for many companies, a LIMS system is an important step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.