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    Based in Germany, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of analytical instruments for use in laboratories and industry at international locations. The company is active in the field of optical and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The company can look back on almost 40 years of experience.

    A look back in history. The start of the Spectro history

    Founded in 1979 by Paul Friedhoff, the company grew rapidly. The entrepreneur remained at the head of the company until 1997, whereupon he passed the ownership on to a German group of investors. Seven years later the decision was made: Spectro became part of the US-American Ametek Group.

    At that time, the early product range already included instruments used for spectral analysis of alloys. In this way, the composition of metals could be checked for ratio and accuracy.

    The road to market leadership – international expansion

    Expansion into other countries began as early as 1981. These included France, the USA, Italy, Great Britain, and Australia. As an expert in spectroscopy, optical and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, nothing stood in the way of becoming the market leader.

    What products does the Ametek subsidiary Spectro offer today?

    40,000 devices have already passed over the Spectro cash desk. These include both mobile and stationary spark spectrometers, ICP-OES spectrometers and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. These devices are used to chemically identify materials, test metals, and perform analyses of multiple substances.

    With its numerous applications, Spectro instruments are used in laboratories, universities and companies in various industrial sectors around the globe. The Spectro measuring instruments enable, among other things, precise material testing.

    Are you wondering whether our solution is also compatible with your devices?

    Spectro is part of Ametek Inc.

    The portfolio of the Ametek Materials Analysis Division covers a wide range of process and analytical applications. In addition to Ametek, AMT, CAMECA, EDAX and Vision Research, Spectro is part of the division. The subcontractors of Ametek Inc. are among the leading suppliers of technology and product quality in their respective fields. Spectro, in particular, stands out for its excellent analytical solutions. The products find a multitude of applications.

    The ideal complement to your Specto measuring instruments: The [FP]-LIMS for Quality Management
    We at Fink & Partner are proud to say with good reason that we have been working with Spectro for over 20 years. By working closely with the company’s developers and producers, we can offer general interfaces to the elemental analysis equipment. Any device can seem to work seamlessly with the [FP]-LIMS solution. The adjustment and the transfer of the raw data are carried out without any difficulties. Our automatic approach to data analysis helps to quickly and easily provide the appropriate results of the analysis.

    Spectro as part of our DNA – Fink & Partner looks back

    Spectro played its part in founding Fink & Partner in 1992. It started with the need for a solution for database applications for the industry. Fink & Partner took over the Spectro Data Control software including all sources and then further developed the program under the new name [DIA]-4-Dos. With this background, we see Spectro as an elementary business partner and maintain very close cooperation with high priority to this day.

    The [DIA] solution was then further developed by Fink & Partner so that we can also process measurement results from other measurement methods and manufacturers in the system. Specifically, we are the central supplier for the delivery of Spectro installations. The [DIA], DIA2000 and DIA2000SE or [FP]-LIMS is delivered with the devices and is currently in use in thousands of laboratories worldwide.

    Currently, new devices are regularly equipped with a [DIA]-license / new [FP]-LIMS. Especially customers with a long [DIA]-history do not want to do without the well-known functionality even after purchasing a new device.

    Since 2019, [DIA] has been further developed under the name [FP]-LIMS.

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