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    Bruker, FP-LIMS & DIA Analysis Management: connection to QMatrix and Elemental Suite software

    Connect your Bruker QMatrix and Elemental Suite with LIMS for high-quality OES and XRF

    Bruker – a company with a broad range of activities for professional measuring instruments

    The Bruker group of companies employs around 6500 people. The group consists of several business units with a focus on instrumental analytics. We at Fink und Partner can look back on a long-standing partnership with the company: With the advantage for all our software and the users of Bruker analytical instruments.

    Bruker Corporation is divided into six divisions. These include AXS (X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction), BioSpin (nuclear spin resonance, electron spin resonance, EPR, magnetic resonance imaging and magnetism), and Daltonics (mass spectrometry).

    In 2017, the group had a turnover of 1.7 billion dollars. This makes Bruker one of the leading providers of solutions for instrumental analytics. It is precisely for this reason that we at Fink&Partner are particularly proud to maintain a close partnership with the company.

    Are you about to migrate your QMatrix to Windows 10? Take also care of your DIA!

    It is essential to mention that QMatrix strictly works in combination with [DIA] Analysis Management and that this solution is provided and designed just by Fink & Partner GmbH.

    Please take also notice that when migrating your QMatrix to a running version of Windows 10 or reinstalling it on Windows 10, your old [DIA] version (if not 2.5) will not work anymore.

    Are you wondering whether our solution is also compatible with your devices?

    Bruker QMatrix does not run without our [DIA] software. If you need an update or support please contact our team.

    What makes Bruker equipment so special?

    Due to its international orientation, especially in Europe and North America, the company has more than 25 locations. Bruker is also represented at 70 different locations by independent suppliers. The breadth of experience that Bruker can look back on alone enables thousands of customers around the world to use its products with confidence.

    The devices cover the following applications

    Bruker supports universities, research laboratories, and a variety of industrial sectors with its equipment. This makes it possible for customers to analyze substances of all states of aggregation. From food analysis to medical use, to safety analysis, Bruker products are used.

    Looking back on the long history of the company

    Günther Laukien laid the foundation for today’s success almost 60 years ago. One of the first products to be developed and built in a backyard in Karlsruhe was laboratory magnets. The company was soon to be successful. In cooperation with the Swiss company Trüb-Täuber & Co, the first device was sold in the USA. The customer was Yale University.  Another company was founded in Zurich as a joint venture between the two companies. This was the manifestation of the company’s success: Spectrospin AG.

    Bruker is a good example of how quality and precision combined with the highest standards lead to success. At Fink & Partner, we work daily for the success of our users with exactly this claim. We constantly strive to ensure the optimum software for use by our customers: The [FP]-LIMS.

    Our partnership with the Bruker group of companies

    In order to guarantee the optimal functionality of our solution, we work together with Bruker Nano in the USA, among others. This international cooperation helps us to gain a broad overview of the fields of application of the devices, and thus also of our system.

    We are able to offer generally valid interfaces to all Bruker devices. The reason for this is the close cooperation. This cooperation goes so far that we have access to the tables used by Bruker. The advantage is obvious: We are experts when it comes to the company’s equipment. And it is our customers who benefit from this advantage. The seemingly smooth interaction of software and device helps to capture raw data accurately and automatically.

    These products from the supplier of instrumental analytics are particularly in demand

    In the customer exchange, we hear again and again about the optimal symbiosis between the devices optical emission spectrometry (OES), mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma, spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) in connection with the [FP]-LIMS system. Would you like to learn more about this from one of our experts? Please feel free to contact us, we would be pleased to show you the possibilities of the [FP]-LIMS.

    Is your measurement instrument from Bruker compatible with our LIMS software?