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Ohaus analytical balance supported by LIMS software

Analytical balance and high-tech solution with Ohaus measurement devices and FP-LIMS

Ohaus Corporation and Fink & Partner working together

Ohaus Corporation is a US-American company that has been producing analytical instruments and laboratory equipment for analytical balance since 1907.

Counting on more than a Century of experience about precision and reliability, the company has been expanding worldwide and relies on customers’ international network. Thus, Ohaus is well-known for its agility to adapt to customers’ needs focusing on trust and pinpointing accuracy.

Since 2021 Ohaus collaborates with Fink & Partner GmbH, a German company for LIMS software development, to spread solutions to fulfill analytical balance solutions for the laboratory. LIMS means laboratory information management system and is designed to manage the samples as well as import data and to be connected with lab balances, such as the precision balances produced by Ohaus. [FP]-LIMS, and before [DIA] Analysis Management since the early 2000s, is the software solution provided by Fink & Partner on the international market.

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Ohaus’s devices for analytical balance and FP-LIMS

Analytical balance solutions provided by Ohaus can concentrate on the laboratory balances group and should be supported by lab software. [FP]-LIMS is designed to interact with Ohaus’ devices thanks to its open interface. Nevertheless, it is always possible to import the data manually thanks to the Input Dialog module. The little selection below shows some of the laboratory devices for analytical balance that can be connected to [FP]-LIMS.

Laboratory balances solutions are framed into the following ones:

  • Explorer® family
  • Adventurer®
  • Pioneer® family
  • Scout® family
  • Navigator™
  • Compass™ family
  • PR, HH, PS Series
  • Mechanical Scales & Balances

Analytical balance in industrial fields of application with LIMS

It is well-known that precision and analytical balance are essential for testing labs as well as for many other industries such as cement, water testing, environmental, and many more. Therefore, [FP]-LIMS is designed to communicate with the software installed on Ohaus’s devices thanks to its open interface and to import, manage, archive, analyze the measurement data as well as the samples. Nevertheless, [FP]-LIMS is customizable and flexible thanks to its modular software architecture and can adapt to different and variable lab requirements. Modules such as Analysis Management, Workflow Management, ICP, Input Dialog, and Quality Inspection play a crucial role in accurate and precise analyses.

Ohaus analytical balance and FP-LIMS for Quality 4.0 in the lab

[FP]-LIMS is an IoT technology that replenishes the requirements of precision and reliability of Ohaus Corporation. The common goal is to provide customers with solutions for high-quality standards and upgraded productivity. In this case, we speak of Quality 4.0, the quality needed in the laboratory of Industry 4.0, that aims to boost production and productivity and at the same time to reduce errors and costs.

[FP]-LIMS is designed to support the communication with upper-level systems such as ERP and SAP and Fink & Partner has been developing further this know-how over the years. In 2020, Fink & Partner proudly announced that [FP]-LIMS also has the certified interface for communicating with SAP S/4HANA®.

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