inspection order management module fp lims

Inspection order management: Manage inspection orders professionally

For laboratories with a wide range of services

Manage inspection jobs for complex individual tests

With inspection plan templates or completely individually

The [FP]-LIMS inspection order management is particularly suitable for laboratories with a wide range of services and non-standardized sample structure. With the help of inspection management, you can create and manage inspection orders for complex individual tests. To do this, use the predefined or individual inspection plans to which methods or specific devices have been assigned. Not only is it possible to assign any number of samples, but the analytics can also be subsequently adjusted at any time.

Inspection order management is always used when:

  • samples are tested with different methods
  • a large number of test methods are used
  • each sample must be treated separately
  • the customers should receive reports
  • the laboratory needs an overview of open and completed tasks
  • results of measurements should be automatically transferred to the orders

Important functions at a glance

LIMS Software - overview of the created inspection order

Definition of test methods & inspection plans

With this [FP]-LIMS module, you have the option of storing any test methods tailored to your laboratory and generating individual test plans from these. The input is done easily either via a Windows client or a browser client. An integrated report generator enables the simple creation of internal sample run sheets.

Deposit of documents

You can assign order-relevant documents to any inspection order at any time. The functionalities in this context also include the automatic entry of test reports and the consideration of attachments for e-mails.

Dokumente hinterlegen Prüfauftragsverwaltung FP LIMS
Verfolgung von Prüfplänen Prüfauftragsverwaltung FP LIMS

Tracking of the created inspection plans

A dashboard within the [FP]-LIMS inspection module allows you to track all orders created at any time. Get a clear overview of all information, including order number, device, test method, status, date, the start of processing, end of processing, creator, cost center, sample name, test plan, and plant.

Output for inspection reports and labels

Another feature of the module worth mentioning is the clever output function for inspection reports and labels. You can configure this – as standard in the [FP] LIMS software – according to your wishes at any time. Create your own simple templates or use our templates.

Prüfbericht Etikett Ausgabefunktion Prüfauftragsverwaltung FP LIMS
Arbeitsvorrat Mitarbeiter Prüfauftragsverwaltung FP LIMS

Worklist for individual employees

An important aspect of this order management module is the monitoring of employee workload. Using the so-called “worklist”, you can easily distribute tasks to other employees and display an overview of the employees’ tasks.

Advantages of FP-LIMS inspection order management: Manage inspection orders professionally


Easily access [FP]-LIMS from anywhere.


The LIMS software is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use.


Respond flexibly to requirements and easily adjust values & fields yourself.


Extensive functions even in the basic version – that is [FP]-LIMS.


Price/performance – that’s our software. Discover the available versions.

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Frequently asked questions about FP-LIMS inspection order management

Fink & Partner‘s [FP]-LIMS inspection order management is always useful if you have a higher volume of samples, need to map more complex tests, or require a more extensive release process. However, it is also a useful addition to analysis management if you want to simplify your daily laboratory work somewhat.

No, you are completely free to define the test methods and the resulting inspection plans. However, we generally recommend that you first create the test methods for which interfaces to measuring devices are available. Afterward, you can easily add further test methods.

Naturally. The [FP]-LIMS inspection order module provides an attractive lab overview of all available inspection orders, so you can easily monitor the status at any time.