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Bye-bye Excel: 10 reasons against Excel as laboratory software

Excel has quietly established itself as the most widely used laboratory software replacement. This is completely understandable at first – Excel can flexibly process different types of data, generate great graphics, is relatively intuitive to use, and is also available free of charge. In the whitepaper, we explain why Excel is not a sustainable solution as LIMS software, using 10 illustrative examples from laboratory practice.

LIMS Guide - The ultimate manual

LIMS Guide: The ultimate LIMS Manual

The Digital Revolution, also known with other definitions such as Industry 4.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution, laboratories worldwide have been looking for reliable and certified information about IT solutions that have the scope to improve, automize, and digitalize their workflows. Therefore, in the international laboratory informatics scene, there has been an increasing demand for defining laboratory software to improve workflows, production, and productivity and reduce errors generated by defecting and “old-fashioned” systems such as MS Excel. Find out all you need to know about LIMS in our LIMS guide.

LIMS Basics: Introduction to Laboratory Information Management Systems

In the age of Industry 4.0, aspects such as digitalization and automation are particularly important in modern laboratory management. Only those who understand that it is a matter of optimizing and automating laboratory processes in the best possible way can secure an important lead on the market. A LIMS can play a key role in this task. But what is a LIMS? What functionalities should a LIMS offer in order to be fit for the future? When does the investment pay off? We answer these questions and more in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper - How to successfully implement a LIMS
Whitepaper - LIMS Interfaces

LIMS Interfaces: This is how the connection to measuring devices and other systems works

Controlling a laboratory as economically and efficiently as possible – is the main task of laboratory management with a LIMS. The LIMS should therefore be optimally integrated into the IT infrastructure of a company. This is where the interface function in the LIMS comes into play. But which interfaces are needed at all? Why is a clean connection so important? How can you ensure that your LIMS can be flexibly connected in the future? Learn this and more in the whitepaper.

How to successfully implement a LIMS

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is software that assists in managing laboratory information and data. LIMS software is often used in laboratories to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of results. However, implementing LIMS software can be challenging because of many factors. In this white paper, we will provide tips on how to successfully implement LIMS software to improve the efficiency of your laboratory. Finally, we will cover the different steps of implementation, the benefits of LIMS software, and the potential challenges that can arise during implementation.

Whitepaper - How to successfully implement a LIMS
[FP]-LIMS Whitepaper about the ISO 17025 norm

ISO 17025: How FP-LIMS enables the compliance

ISO 17025 is an internationally recognized standard that specifies the requirements for the competence of laboratories to perform precise and accurate measurements that can be relied upon. But what are the challenges associated with complying with it? What is the background to the standard? How can [FP]-LIMS help with compliance? Learn more in this whitepaper!

Sustainability in the industry achievable with FP-LIMS

Sustainability has become a central issue in today’s industrial landscape. With the global challenges of climate change, resource scarcity, and environmental impact, it is imperative that companies in all industries take sustainable actions.

Implementing LIMS software can help you with many challenges in the context of sustainability. But how important is sustainability in the industry? Which measures make sense? How does [FP]-LIMS help you achieve your goals? Learn all this and more here!

Whitepaper sustainability in the industry EN

The future of foundry labs: Efficiency and precision with FP-LIMS

In an era where the foundry industry places paramount importance on efficiency and precision, Fink & Partner’s [FP]-LIMS stands as a pioneering force in laboratory data management innovation.

Within the following whitepaper, you will explore the ways in which [FP]-LIMS tackles prevailing obstacles, such as the burden of escalating energy expenses, while concurrently enhancing laboratory efficiency and elevating the standards of quality assurance. Learn more in this whitepaper.

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