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    Measurement technology & software in the best complement

    The Japanese technology company Horiba is active in the development and production of measuring instruments for use in various industries for the analysis and testing of materials. The main application areas are automotive test systems, process & environmental technology, medical technology, semiconductors and scientific. The global company employs around 5,000 people in 27 countries worldwide. The headquarters in Germany is in the city of Darmstadt. The company has annual sales of 1.2 billion euros.

    The USP of Horiba – the unique selling point GD-OES

    One of Horiba’s best-known measurement methods is glowed discharge spectrometry.  Simultaneously measuring GD profilers work with high-frequency excitation. This makes it possible to analyze solid samples. The advantage is the fast and easy measurement of the samples, both as bulk analysis and depth profiles. Due to the innovative high-frequency control it is possible to place electrically conductive and non-conductive samples under the analysis. With the exception of noble gases, all elements can be detected.

    The resulting data can now be stored and analyzed with the LIMS solution from Fink & Partner. The standardized processes make the work effective and highly accurate.

    Horiba Group products supported analyses based on:

    • Material property, structure, density
    • Absorption and emission
    • Excitation states
    • Mass spectroscopy
    • Morphology
    • Magnetic properties
    • Electrochemical reactions

    • Resistance changes
    • Fluorescence
    • Chemical reactions
    • Temperature changes
    • Pressure Changes
    • Mass Flow Measurement
    • Measurement accessories

    The LIMS System for Measuring Instruments of the Horiba Group

    Fink & Partner has been working with the Japanese manufacturer for measuring instruments and systems for many years. The measuring devices of the Asian producer are used all over the world and support laboratories worldwide with our solution for laboratory and information management. The special feature of our LIMS solution is the efficient bridging from device to software. Thus, raw data is transferred from device to system through automated processes. Smooth communication increases efficiency in laboratories in numerous countries and continents.

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