Connect your ZWICKROELL measurement instruments with LIMS

    ZwickRoell and FP-LIMS: reliable systems for modern analyses

    The German mechanical engineering company ZwickRoell has been involved in the development and manufacture of machines for materials testing since its foundation in 1920. ZwickRoell employs around 1,350 people in 56 countries worldwide.

    Innovations with a focus on quality and uncompromising quality

    ZwickRoell offers a wide range of products for the measurement of materials. ZwickRoell offers universal testing machines, pendulum impact testers, hardness testers, automation solutions and much more. These products provide all the data needed to provide information about the results of the test. By means of a so-called LIMS, a laboratory information and management system, it is possible to store and analyze this data at a central point. Connect with us to get more information.

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    The LIMS from Fink & Partner for high effectiveness

    Laboratories around the world working with Zwick instruments have already gained experience with the high-performance quality management software from Fink & Partner. We have received a great deal of feedback from many of our customers that their laboratory workflows have been optimized. The transfer of raw data between machines and software takes place via interfaces provided by us. Through automated processes, it facilitates work with a simultaneous increase in productivity. Time-consuming activities, such as documentation, can now be handled smoothly by the Fink & Partner software.

    ZwickRoell and Fink und Partner

    A strong partnership between the two companies makes it possible to provide a customized and powerful interface specifically for ZwickRoell devices. We work with the highest quality standards and the achievement of customer satisfaction. Do you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you. One of our experts will contact you and give you the professional advice you deserve.

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