fp lims standard version

FP-LIMS Standard: LIMS database for medium requirements.

For medium requirements

For small teams with several measuring devices

The professional analysis management

Are you a medium-sized laboratory with several employees and would like to digitize your analysis management? You have several measuring devices and manual sample management is becoming more and more demanding? Are you looking for a practical solution at an attractive price?Then the LIMS database / laboratory software [FP]-LIMS Standard is the perfect solution for you.

With this version, we offer laboratories with medium requirements an attractive way to digitalize their laboratory processes and finally take the first step towards Industry 4.0. This LIMS software can be described as a true standard LIMS, because it impresses with extensive functionalities, a high degree of flexibility, remarkable practicability, and an amazingly affordable price.

FP-LIMS Standard: Calculate your LIMS project budget

FP-LIMS Standard: Important functions at a glance

Analysis Desktop

Configurable views & tables, analysis filter, color display for quality violations, quick search


Freely configurable analysis detail view per method, editor function

Configurable formats

Tables, detail formats, reports, print formats

Evaluation & Documentation

Standard print routines, Excel export

Qualities & Features

 Manage qualities, quality violations, accuracy for value limits, version management

Management of

characteristics, ident fields, dimensions, conversion factors, dynamic decimal places

Archive & Track

Archive function

Automated Processes

Deposit of recurring processes in macros


 Language settings, user accounts/groups, rights groups

Devices Manager

for any number of manufacturers & interfaces

Extension options

Service contract, upgrade

Advantages of FP-LIMS Standard

Perfect for small teams with multiple measuring devices

Numerous functionalities at an affordable price

Upgrade flexibly at any time as requirements increase

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Frequently asked questions about FP-LIMS Standard

The LIMS version [FP]-LIMS Standard is the perfect LIMS software for all laboratories that have a small team with several people and several measuring instruments. The cost-effective version offers several fully functional and viable solutions for laboratories of all kinds.

At Fink & Partner, we have always strived to develop the most practical solutions possible for laboratories. For us, a reasonable price is simply part of the deal. Customers worldwide confirm time and again how powerful and reliable our [FP]-LIMS software has always been. This makes us very proud.

Of course, you still have the option of upgrading from the standard version to the [FP]-LIMS Professional version at any time.

[FP]-LIMS Standard is the perfect solution for laboratories with small teams and multiple measuring instruments. With this version, you invest in high-performance LIMS software at an attractive price.

Of course, you can upgrade from the standard version to [FP]-LIMS Professional at any time. Simply contact us for this purpose.