LIMS Engineering: Professionalizing quality management in the laboratory

Professional data management

Flexible scalability at any time

Strengthen data transparency

Automation and digitization are increasingly taking on a central role in the modern mechanical engineering industry. These mechanisms are intended to reduce production costs, optimize manufacturing and, last but not least, increase quality. To achieve these goals, the use of specialized software is necessary. This software must be adapted to the special requirements of the mechanical engineering industry. The mechanical engineering LIMS software from Fink & Partner supports your company in taking the important steps towards automation and digitalization.

But why is this so? In mechanical engineering, a wide variety of data and information falls that needs to be processed. This starts with incoming goods. Raw materials, materials and individual parts that are needed in production must be recorded in various ways. Not only the quantity and the place of storage want to be cataloged, but also in the laboratory a vast amount of analytical data accumulates that needs to be managed.

The Maschinenbau LIMS from Fink & Partner is a modern and highly practicable software solution for the collection, preparation, management and evaluation of all data generated in the laboratory.  With the LIMS software, you have a practical, cost-effective and proven software tool at hand, with which you can manage your laboratory data centrally and easily. Our unique selling point is the particularly high flexibility of the software, because our goal has always been to offer you a highly practical solution.  The LIMS adapts completely to your individual requirements, not the other way around. Professionalizing quality management and data processing in mechanical engineering has never been easier with [FP]-LIMS.

The most important functionalities of the LIMS software have been summarized for you below. Please feel free to arrange a free consultation in which we will give you an insight into the software and jointly analyze how [FP]-LIMS can optimally organize the laboratory processes in your company.

Industries handout "Mechinal engineering & general manufacturing"

Download our handout about the engineering and manufacturing industry.

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LIMS Engineering: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –

Browser Interface

Making relevant laboratory information easily available, also for other stakeholders within the company – that is the idea of the [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface.

Browser Interface: All further information.

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

The [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) provides a convenient solution for laboratory staff to manage inspection orders and tasks on their mobile devices, without the need for a desktop PC.

Electronic laboratory notebook: All further information.

FP-LIMS Software Application Area - Mechanical Engineering

Engineering LIMS: An overview of our references

  • Bergmann Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

  • MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH

Advantages of LIMS for mechanical engineering

Proven LIMS for mechanical engineering

[FP]-LIMS is used in a number of companies around the world – some of which have been using it for years. Our customers report simplified workflows and other effects.

Adaptable & flexible

Simply customize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself – no problem with [FP]-LIMS. It adapts to your individual requirements – not the other way around.

Cost effective & efficient

With our [FP]-LIMS, we offer companies internationally an affordable, effective way to centrally manage their laboratory data.

For all measuring devices

Whether Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick, Spectro Ametek or a completely different manufacturer: Our [FP]-LIMS offers numerous interfaces.

Price-performance ratio

At only $3,600, our entry-level version [FP]-LIMS Light is very affordable. Depending on the degree of requirement, we offer you further powerful versions.

Practical LIMS solution

Convince yourself of the advantages of the practical LIMS solution and book a LIMS software demo.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Handout "LIMS selection criteria"

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