Well-known manufacturers already cooperate with FP-LIMS

Your measurement device is not included? Are you a manufacturer yourself? We have the ultimate solution!

You are looking for LIMS software for your measurement devices, and you are wondering if FP-LIMS fits their requirements? Are you a device manufacturer and want to connect your instruments to FP-LIMS?

Find out more about the open standard interface of our LIMS software to unknown devices!

We already cooperate with many manufacturers: thanks to reliable and active partnerships with numerous well-known manufacturers of lab equipment, we can always guarantee the best possible connection of the measurement instrument to the [FP]-LIMS software. No measurement device is completely unknown to us: We have probably already provided a configuration. Are you skeptical? You should not be… You can save time as well as optimize your costs!

The flexible and adaptable software solution designed by Fink & Partner can always connect your ideas and laboratory processes. Therefore, we offer an open standard interface for flexible connectivity that allows access to your measurement instruments without any obstacles.

Are you wondering whether our solution is also compatible with your devices?

Other partners among the lab equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers of measurement instruments: Why do we offer an open standard interface?

We work taking care of your needs!

The possibility to take over measurement data from a system is not limited to the partners we name. With over 30 years of experience and more than 6000 installations worldwide, we have learned to work with any system that can export data.

Even if your measurement device or the lab equipment manufacturer is not in our small selection, we will always find a solution. Please contact us, and we will find the right way to import your data from your measurement device. Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with numerous well-known instrument manufacturers, no measuring instrument is entirely unknown to us: As mentioned above, we have already integrated the configuration into the product in the best case.

However, these are not all partnerships or connection possibilities that we offer! If your measurement instrument is not in our selection, please contact us to discover further connection possibilities and lab instrument manufacturers.

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Are you a manufacturer of lab equipment and would like to connect LIMS software to your measuring tools for your customers? [FP]-LIMS is the solution for you!

Do you still own our old software from the [DIA] product family, and are you wondering if it is also compatible with your measurement instruments? The answer is yes! We can connect your measurement devices with the open standard interface of our [DIA] and [FP]-LIMS software!

Are you wondering if your measurement instrument is compatible with our LIMS software?