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LIMS System Groups: Manage data securely across the group

Manage complex data structures

Flexible and scalable at any time

Extensive functionalities for highest demands

Large companies and groups, in particular, are increasingly faced with the immense task of setting up a professional data management system to pave the way for important topics such as digitization and Industry 4.0. For large companies with several locations and numerous laboratories worldwide, topics such as transparency, central access to a common database, and traceability are becoming even more important. Thanks to our highly flexible group LIMS software, the parallel use of different stand-alone solutions are no longer necessary. Securely handle all your laboratory processes across the group with just one software. The high level of automation and intuitive workflows with central access for all laboratories ensure transparency across the group and a reduction in effort and costs.

We recommend our high-level version [FP]-LIMS Professional to groups and large companies that have several laboratories or simply a very complex structure. Please read on to find out more about the functionalities and possibilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so that we can quickly clarify any queries.

Advantages of FP-LIMS Professional: The Group LIMS

The high-level solution for the highest requirements

Especially suitable for complex structures or the management of multiple laboratories worldwide

Central data management for maximum transparency across the Group

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Functional scope FP-LIMS Professional: The high-level LIMS

[FP]-LIMS Professional
one time
$from 12,800
For high requirements
This version is suitable for higher demands or for a large team with several measuring devices.
✔️Analysis Desktop: Configurable views & tables, analysis filters, color display for quality violations, quick search, context-dependent filters.
✔️Analysis editing: Freely configurable analysis detail view per method, editor function, plausibilities for identification fields, setting an analysis status, merging analyses, assigning documents
✔️Configurable formats: Tables, Detail Formats, Reports, Print Formats, SPC, Certificate Formats, Export Formats, Import Formats
✔️Evaluation & documentation: numerical statistics, standard print routines, Excel export, SPC control charts, report card generation & more
✔️Qualities/characteristics: Manage qualities, quality violations, accuracy for value limits, version management, quality groups, formulas as quality limits, quality identification, relations & additional fields.
✔️Management of features, ident fields, dimensions, conversion factors, dynamic decimal places, device types, addresses, formulas for features, aliases
✔️Archive & track: Archive function, audit trail, change log for formats
✔️Automated processes: Deposit of recurring processes in macros, jobs for automatic event- or time-controlled macro execution.
✔️Users: language settings, user accounts/groups, rights groups, user objects, logon rules
✔️ Device manager for any number of manufacturers & interfaces - ERP interfaces, e.g. SAP possible
✔️Extension options: Service contract, upgrade, recording masks, system log, quality control log, test order management, recipe management, web interface
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Frequently asked questions about the LIMS system groups

For large companies with more complex requirements, such as the networking of several laboratories worldwide or more specialized laboratory processes, we recommend the LIMS version [FP]-LIMS Professional. This LIMS software version is also particularly suitable for large companies because it grows with your requirements. For example, numerous additional LIMS modules can be connected to this version.

Just get in touch with us.  With the LIMS software [FP]-LIMS Professional you have a high-performance software system for your laboratory that is scalable and expandable at any time. The version is the basis for all extension possibilities of professional analysis management.