Elementar Analysesysteme is a leading German manufacturer of analyzers for CHNOS elemental analysis, TOC analysis, N/protein analysis, stable isotope analysis (IRMS) and optical emission spectrometry (OES). Thus Elementar offers solutions for a wide range of applications – no matter which target elements, sample size or matrix are involved.

    Elementar emerged from the Heraeus technology group and has been developing and manufacturing analytical instruments in the Rhine-Main area near Frankfurt for more than 110 years. With a total of eight subsidiaries and a dense network of dealers, Elementar is optimally positioned to provide the best service and support worldwide.

    The product portfolio of Elementar can be divided into different categories. In these categories, companies from sectors such as agriculture, chemistry, energy, forensics, environment, and materials will find the analyzers they need to equip their laboratories and quality assurance:

    Organic Elemental Analysis:

    • UNICUBE – Micro Elemental Analysis – is the next level to the already known “vario MICRO cube”.
    • vario EL cube – microanalysis of samples in the low microgram range, semi-macro analysis of CHNS in up to 1 g soil
    • rapid CS cube – Carbon and sulfur analyzer – Analysis of the elements CHNS and O

    Stable isotope analysis:

    • isoprime visION Solutions – customized solutions for research
    • isoprime precisION stable isotope mass spectrometer
    • Elemental analyzers for IRMS – vario ISOTOPE select / cube, vario PYRO cube, iso TOC cube

    TOC & water analysis:

    • acquray series – TOC analysis
    • enviro TOC – successor model of the proven “enviro TOC” analyzer

    There are also the product categories N/Protein Analysis, Inorganic Elemental Analysis and Optical Emission Spectrometry. Elementar is also a supplier of powerful analyzers in these areas.

    Analyzers from Elementar & LIMS

    Wherever raw data or other measurement data are obtained, such as in precise metal analysis, these valuable and decisive data must be collected, stored, and evaluated. Therefore a LIMS (Definition) is indispensable when using an analysis device. Depending on the company structure and sector, a Laboratory Information and Management System can take on very different tasks. Therefore, flexibility and individualization are important keywords when choosing the right LIMS to achieve your goals. It should also be able to be quickly integrated into the existing company structure, interfaces ensure the flow of information to higher-level systems.

    Fink & Partner as a reliable partner of Elementar for LIMS solutions

    Elementar stands for innovative technology and customized solutions. Accordingly, it needs reliable partners who have the same quality standards. Fink & Partner also attaches great importance to innovation and customer satisfaction and is already an established provider of software solutions. Thus two companies with the highest quality standards come together and unite their products to create your solution.

    This is an optimal combination from which customers can only benefit.

      LIMS solutions for optical emission spectrometry (OES)

      Elementar’s portable spark OES devices are optimized for use in the metal production, metal processing and metal recycling industries. The product line features a revolutionary design for maximum usability, highest precision, a revolutionary user interface and easy reporting. This is where the LIMS software from Fink & Partner comes into play. The software can be easily integrated – so you can quickly and easily automate your analyses in compliance with standards and thus optimize your daily work.

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