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LIMS Automotive: Digitizing quality processes in the automotive industry

Professional laboratory data management

Fields and functions flexibly customizable

For greater data transparency

LIMS Automotive: For the various tasks that arise every day at automotive manufacturers and suppliers, a versatile laboratory information and management system, LIMS for short, is virtually indispensable. At the heart of the automotive LIMS is a central database in which all information is stored and managed. This is important for incoming and outgoing goods as well as for production. An established management system stores all raw data of performed measurements of incoming and outgoing goods or during the production process. In this way, it is possible to trace the data history at any time.

The Laboratory Information Management System [FP]-LIMS is a modern and highly practical software solution for the collection, processing, management, and evaluation of all data generated in the laboratory.  With the LIMS software, you can rely on a very practical, cost-effective and proven way to centrally manage your laboratory data. Our LIMS solution is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. It adapts completely to your individual requirements, not the other way around. Many automotive companies worldwide have been relying on the high quality of our laboratory software for many years. Digitizing quality processes in the automotive industry has never been easier with [FP]-LIMS.

Find out more about the most important functionalities of the LIMS automotive software and let yourself be inspired by the advantages of the automotive LIMS. Afterwards, you are welcome to arrange a free, half-hour LIMS software demo appointment, during which we will be happy to give you an insight into the software and discuss your individual requirements.

The automotive industry has very specific requirements in terms of production and foundry. In the production of automobiles and in the manufacture of automobiles very special materials are used. These are, for example, aluminum, different alloys, or high-tech materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers source their components and materials from numerous companies. A network of suppliers has established itself in the automotive industry like hardly any other sector. The various companies that are integrated in the supply chain have each specialised in a specific sub-area. In combination with just-in-time production, which has largely replaced traditional warehousing, the demands on the management system are also increasing.

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Automotive LIMS: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

The [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) enables lab staff to manage inspection orders and tasks while mobile, eliminating the requirement for accessing a desktop PC.

Everything about the electronic laboratory notebook.

FP-LIMS Software Application Area - Automotive Industry

LIMS – multifunctional software for the automotive industry

A versatile laboratory information and management system, LIMS for short, is virtually indispensable for the various tasks that automobile manufacturers and suppliers have to perform on a daily basis. The heart of the system is a central database in which all information is stored and managed. This is important for incoming and outgoing goods as well as for production. An established management system stores all raw data of measurements, whether incoming or outgoing inspection or directly in the manufacturing process. In this way it is possible to guarantee traceability at any time during an audit. Such an Audi Trail function is indispensable for tight schedules and fast decisions, as are common in the modern automotive industry.

On the other hand, the laboratory information and management system from Fink & Partner also offers interfaces for interaction with external systems. This enables integration into existing ERP systems or combination with measurement systems. The various modules allow analysis management, individual test orders or direct web access. In this way, Fink & Partner’s laboratory information and management system adapts to the existing IT infrastructure. Highly specialized systems are often used especially in the production of vehicles and parts for the automotive industry. This ranges from production robots to probes for the analysis or collection of measurement data. All information provided by these devices can be easily transferred to Fink & Partner’s laboratory information and management system.

Advantages of the LIMS for Automotive companies

Proven LIMS for the automotive industry

[FP]-LIMS is already successfully in use in numerous laboratories in the automotive industry worldwide. Our customers report simplified workflows and other effects.

Adaptable and flexible

Our [FP]-LIMS adapts to your individual requirements. So you simply individualize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself.

Cost effective & efficient

Automotive companies worldwide benefit from our [FP] LIMS as a low-cost, effective way to centrally manage their laboratory data.

For every measurement device

Our [FP]-LIMS offers numerous interfaces, e.g. to instruments from Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick, Spectro Ametek.

Practical LIMS solution

[FP]-LIMS is a very practical LIMS solution. Find out about the advantages and book a LIMS software demo.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Automotive LIMS: An excerpt of our references from the automotive industry

  • Daimler AG

  • The whole Volkswagen AG with the 12 brands

  • BMW AG

  • Mahle GmbH

  • Bergmann Automotive GmbH