LIMS Glass Production

LIMS Glass Analysis: Effective control of analysis processes in glass production

Professionally manage laboratory data in glass analysis

Always flexibly adaptable

Numerous standard interfaces integrated as standard

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are terms that are of immense concern not only to the glass industry. What companies in glass production have long since recognized: Those who already deal with professional data management today will have an easier time in the future and secure important competitive advantages. A glass LIMS can be a decisive lever along the value chain in glass production to exploit all the possibilities of digitization.

A LIMS can play an important role in glass analysis by automating data collection and managing laboratory workflows. This can help ensure accuracy and efficiency while reducing the risk of human error. In addition to automating data acquisition, a LIMS can also help manage sample tracking and storage. This can be especially helpful in large glass manufacturing facilities where samples may be distributed across multiple laboratories.

Our [FP]-LIMS software solution provides you with optimal support in managing laboratory-related data. Discover how LIMS software can help you to act faster, more efficiently, and much more flexibly and equip you optimally for the challenges of the future.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to clarify all open questions in a personal conversation and give you an insight into the software. Alternatively, you always have the possibility to book a LIMS software demo appointment directly with us. In 30 minutes we will clarify your individual requirements and show you how [FP]-LIMS can optimally satisfy them.

LIMS Glass Production: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

– The right solution for every requirement –


Process and evaluate measurement data from ICP devices professionally – this is possible with the [FP]-LIMS ICP module.

Learn more about ICP module.

Workflow Management System

Central control of laboratory-related business processes such as approvals or complaints procedures – that is the idea behind the [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management System.

Learn more about workflow management module.

Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

Using the [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory personnel can manage inspection orders and tasks conveniently on their mobile devices, without being dependent on desktop PCs.

Learn more about the electronic laboratory notebook.

Advantages of LIMS in Glass Production

Proven LIMS for glass production

[FP]-LIMS is already being used successfully in a number of productions worldwide. Our customers from a wide range of industries report simplified workflows and other effects.

Adaptable at any time

Our [FP]-LIMS adapts completely to your individual requirements. Simply individualize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself.

Efficient and cost-effective

With our [FP] LIMS, we offer manufacturing companies around the world an affordable, effective way to centrally manage their laboratory data.

For all measurement devices

Whether Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick, Spectro Ametek or a completely different manufacturer: Our [FP]-LIMS offers numerous interfaces.

Price-performance ratio

Our version [FP]-LIMS Light is very cost-effective and optimal for the entry. Depending on the degree of requirement, we offer you further powerful versions.

Practical LIMS solution

With [FP]-LIMS we would like to offer you a LIMS solution that is as practical as possible. Convince yourself of the advantages and book a LIMS software demo.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

Learn in our info graphic why you should consider a [FP]-LIMS purchase.

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Handout "LIMS selection criteria"

Download our handout about LIMS selection criteria here

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Frequently asked questions about LIMS for glass production

As a company in glass production, you produce important data. Data that is becoming increasingly important and of course also accumulates in your laboratory. Our [FP]-LIMS helps you as a producing company to finally manage and organize all data centrally. Your benefit? Manual, time-consuming processes are finally replaced and you can concentrate on your core business again. The LIMS software also helps you with countless evaluation options to recognize trends at an early stage and to react to them. We would be happy to explain more about the advantages and benefits of our LIMS in a personal online meeting.

Please feel free to arrange a LIMS demo appointment, in which we will clarify your individual requirements and give you an insight into the software.