STANNOL: Tradition and innovation for more than 140 years

STANNOL GMBH & Co. KG, based in Velbert, Germany, is an internationally active manufacturer of soldering products with currently around 100 employees. Founded in 1879 by the craftsman Wilhelm Paff, the 140-year-old company today also supplies manufacturers of electronic assemblies worldwide thanks to a strong sales network. In addition to solder wires, solder pastes, fluxes, and solder bars, the diverse product portfolio also includes soldering equipment, measuring and testing systems, and soldering accessories.

In addition to manufacturing, the Velbert-based owner-managed family company has its own research and development department and laboratory.

Since 2020, STANNOL has been relying centrally on the [FP]-LIMS from Fink & Partner, which is integrated into the system landscape, for company-wide quality control – and is thus taking a big step towards digitalization. Find out more in this reference report or user report.

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Pictures: STANNOL GmbH & Co. KG

Tradition and innovative strength – no contradiction for STANNOL.

The company can look back on 142 years of tradition in the manufacture of soldering products. However, for Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation at STANNOL, the guarantee for success is not only the many years of experience within the industry. The combination of experience with modern science and continuous development is the key to success for STANNOL. Whether it’s product improvement, sustainability, social responsibility, or data management, the long-established company strives to progress on all levels to position itself permanently for the future.

Consistently high quality is already standard with its customers. In two laboratories, five people are responsible for ensuring high product quality. Several quality inspectors are regularly on the road at the plant to carry out random tests. Ingo Lomp confirms: “Our customers appreciate the consistency of our products. When people choose STANNOL, it is because of the first-class quality. Many customers have been relying on our products for quite a few years – in some cases decades.”

For Ingo Lomp, who has been with the company for about three years, it quickly became clear that this high-quality standard could only be accompanied by a professional data management system in the long term. “We want to position ourselves for the future in the long term. Our motivation is to create a solid, resilient basis today to meet future challenges without any problems. Professional data management is the be-all and end-all for this.”

Professional data management is the basis for digitization for STANNOL

For Ingo Lomp, it quickly became clear that the professionalization of data management in the laboratory should be the next step toward digitization. Digitizing as many work steps as possible, replacing isolated solutions such as Excel or Access, centralizing all data – these should be the primary goals.

He explains: “One thing should be clear: Laboratories don’t produce products – they produce data. All the data that the lab produces through its daily testing is very valuable to the company. Professional data management enables trends to be identified, provides early warning of risks or quality deviations, helps with customer support, and much more. In the long run, we benefit immensely.”

Lomp, who had previous experience with [FP]-LIMS, was confident that Fink & Partner’s LIMS [FP]-LIMS was the right solution for his vision at STANNOL. “I had already had experience with Fink & Partner’s LIMS support in the past and knew that there were experienced consultants at work for whom problem-solving was the focus. I knew that the possibilities with [FP]-LIMS are limitless and that even topics that are not relevant today can be implemented with it. That was very important to me.”

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Picture: STANNOL GmbH & Co. KG

80% less documentation effort in the laboratory – Positive effects clearly noticeable after introduction.

Today, about one and a half years after introducing the LIMS at STANNOL, the successes prove him right. Laboratory processes are now almost entirely automated – laboratory staff benefit from a massive reduction in workload. The company has measured that introducing the [FP] LIMS has reduced the amount of documentation required in the laboratory by 80%.

But that’s not all: all measured values now converge centrally in the same system, no matter where they come from. All data from the various laboratories worldwide are managed centrally, securely, and server-based via the LIMS. There are no longer any decentralized storage locations; isolated solutions such as Excel or lab books have been completely abolished. Anyone looking for data or measured values will find them in the [FP] LIMS.

Ingo Lomp also sees added value in the many evaluation options. For example, the laboratory staff regularly make statistical evaluations. But there is also a benefit at the analysis level. The audit trail makes it possible to map the complete history of an analysis. For example, an authorized lab employee could manually edit an analysis value, but this is tracked by the system and can be viewed at any time. For each manual change, a reason must also be given for the manual shift. Lomp: “Otherwise, by analogy, the creation process would be difficult or impossible to reconstruct.”

For Ingo Lomp, however, the many interfaces are also a considerable advantage in terms of digitization: “Not only have we already connected almost all the measuring devices, but measurement data is also passed on directly to the foundry. In other words, as soon as the laboratory has carried out and approved the measurement of a sample, the result is passed on digitally directly to the production control system. Including all values, qualities, and limit violations.” But customer data is also enriched with the measurement data: customer-relevant data and measured values are linked; via separate access, field staff can access customer samples centrally and thus discuss results and trends directly.

He has no regrets about choosing [FP]-LIMS. “In my opinion, Fink & Partner’s [FP]-LIMS is unrivaled in terms of price-performance ratio. This in combination with the endless possibilities of the LIMS software are decisive for me.”

Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation at STANNOL, is certain: “Digitalization can no longer be stopped!”

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who are faced with the decision to introduce a LIMS system? For Ingo Lomp, the answer to this question is obvious:

“Deal with topics such as data management as early as possible. Because digitization can no longer be stopped. In the future, it will no longer be just about quality and price, but about quality, price, origin and innovation. It is a matter of creating systems that can run in the long term today.

Fink & Partner has been on the market with its LIMS for 30 years, combining experience and innovation. Price & performance are unrivaled in the market. I look forward to taking further steps in digitalization with Fink & Partner.”

Ingo Lomp - Stannol

Ingo Lomp, Head of Innovation at STANNOL GmbH & Co. KG

Picture: STANNOL GmbH & Co. KG