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Sustainable laboratory: How our LIMS software revolutionizes your way of working

Sustainability in the laboratory is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in view of the current global challenges. A sustainable way of working in the laboratory not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also offers numerous benefits for companies and employees. By using environmentally friendly materials and reducing waste, costs can be cut and resources conserved. In addition, sustainable working practices help to improve working conditions and promote employee health. In this context, our [FP]-LIMS software solution is an important building block in helping companies to make their laboratory operations more sustainable and efficient.

Sustainability in the laboratory: FP-LIMS is an important building block

Laboratories typically have a high consumption of energy, materials and other resources. Given the current global challenges, it is therefore more important than ever to promote sustainability in the laboratory. One way to achieve this is to implement a LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) solution such as [FP]-LIMS.

[FP]-LIMS can make an important contribution to promoting sustainability in the laboratory. For example, by digitizing and automating laboratory processes, it can help reduce the consumption of paper and other materials. Savings can be achieved by introducing systems for monitoring and analyzing energy and resource consumption.

In addition, [FP]-LIMS enables more efficient planning and control of laboratory processes, resulting in optimized workflows and a reduction in waste and scrap. Overall, a LIMS solution thus helps to promote sustainability in the laboratory and conserve resources.

What features in the FP-LIMS software promote sustainability in the lab?

  • Digital sample management: LIMS software enables digital capture, tracking, and storage of samples, which reduces the use of paper and other materials and minimizes the labor involved in managing physical samples.
  • Automated report generation: The automated generation of reports and analyses by LIMS software helps save paper and ink. Reports can also be generated faster and more efficiently, reducing labor and improving report accuracy.
  • Online communication: By implementing LIMS software, internal and external communication processes can be digitized, minimizing the use of paper and other materials and improving the efficiency of communication.

By using LIMS software, laboratories can thus address various sustainability issues and contribute to environmental protection, while also increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Save resources and time with [FP]-LIMS
Shape your future green with LIMS software from Fink & Partner

Help shape the future of sustainability in the lab

With [FP]-LIMS, Fink & Partner offers a solution from practice for practice. This is also reflected in the functions that will be available in the short term:

  • Management of chemicals and materials: LIMS software enables central management of chemicals and materials, including order management and inventory management. This helps minimize unnecessary ordering of materials and consumption of resources.
  • Energy consumption analysis: LIMS software can track and analyze the laboratory’s energy consumption to identify savings and reduce energy consumption. By implementing systems to monitor and analyze energy consumption, it is possible to reduce the use of energy and thus minimize environmental impact.

In cooperation with representatives of our customers, we are currently developing the “Resource Management” module, which will enable the evaluation and management of all resources required in the laboratory. You want to actively contribute your ideas? Become part of our panel!

Feel free to contact Annika Kolatus, Head of Marketing, directly for more information: [email protected]

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Success Stories – Companies that have improved their laboratory sustainability through FP-LIMS

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Sustainability at Fink & Partner – we too take responsibility

We are aware that sustainable action is a responsibility of every individual. Even small changes in behavior can have a big impact, and that’s why we look at how we can do our part to help protect the environment every day. We have set ourselves the goal of giving something back every day. But what are we doing specifically?

  • Sustainability in travel: Whenever possible, we use alternative means of transportation or limit ourselves to online meetings. Every single kilometer we travel in an environmentally friendly manner protects the environment.
  • Recycling instead of disposal: We take waste separation very seriously. There are trash cans in the building for the various types of waste. The plastic garbage bags in the bins are not renewed at the daily emptying. By combining them into one trash bag per type of trash, we save additional plastic waste.
  • Saving electricity: All employees are encouraged to turn off their computers after hours, and we also use standby instead of screen savers.
  • Print on both sides of paper: Despite all the digitalization, it is sometimes necessary to print out drafts or other documents. We consistently collect sheets printed on one side and reuse them in the printer.
  • No disposable tableware: Disposable tableware (glasses, bottles, cutlery) is taboo. What’s more, we enjoy breakfast breaks together as a team, with everything included.

Sustainability concerns us all

When you hire us or work with us, you support our efforts to protect the climate and the environment while creating added value for all of us. As a provider of LIMS Software Made in Germany, we are committed to respecting nature and being mindful of resources.

Sustainable laboratory – we accompany you

Would you like to learn more about how our LIMS solution can help make your laboratory processes more sustainable? Our sales team is available to answer any questions you may have and show you how together we can contribute to a greener future. Contact us today and let’s start on the path to a more sustainable lab together!