LIMS Aluminum: Digitizing quality processes in the aluminum industry

Central management of laboratory data

Customize fields & functions flexibly

For high data transparency

By their very nature, companies in the aluminum industry generate a great deal of data in the laboratory that needs to be managed. An important challenge facing aluminum manufacturers today is how to manage this mass of data as efficiently and economically as possible. Our Aluminum LIMS can help you professionally manage all the laboratory data that accumulates and take the next important step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

The Aluminum LIMS is a modern and highly practical software solution for the collection, preparation, management and evaluation of all data generated in the laboratory.  With our LIMS software, we offer you a very practical, high-performance and proven way to centrally manage your laboratory data. The LIMS solution is especially appreciated by our customers because of its high flexibility: It completely adapts to your individual requirements, not the other way around. Companies worldwide from a wide range of industries have been successfully using the LIMS software for several years. Digitizing quality processes in the aluminum industry has never been easier with [FP]-LIMS.

In the following points we have summarized the most important functionalities of the LIMS software for you. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation in which we can give you an insight into the software and together analyze how [FP]-LIMS can optimally organize the laboratory processes in your company.

The importance of the aluminum industry

Aluminum production in Germany is regarded as an essential driving force for many economic sectors and employs an average of around 80,000 people. Aluminum is a recyclable material: Only about 40 percent of aluminum production, aluminum products manufactured in over 600 aluminum processing plants in Germany, is exported – as a result, about 60 percent is further processed within Germany.

Since the material aluminum enables the production of practical, durable, and recyclable products, the German aluminum industry has been experiencing a steady upswing for many years. This is particularly noticeable in the sales figures of the German aluminum processing companies: between the financial years 2010 and 2015, for example, sales in the aluminum industry rose from 14.5 to almost 16 billion euros, a trend that will probably continue in the coming years. The use of this material is particularly widespread in the automotive and transportation industries, where aluminum is used for the construction of machines, plants, for manufacturing engines. Due to the extensive customer contacts, Fink & Partner‘s software developers set the goal of providing an innovative and production-related software solution in the form of a LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) that is precisely designed for the requirements of customers from the aluminum industry. The so-called LIMS are specialized quality management systems that entirely cover and combine the areas of incoming and outgoing goods as well as production, testing, and measuring procedures with a single software solution.

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LIMS Aluminum: FP-LIMS modules at a glance

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Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

The [FP]-LIMS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) allows laboratory personnel to handle inspection orders and tasks on-the-go, without the need to use a desktop computer.

Learn more about the electronic laboratory notebook.

FP-LIMS Software Application Area - Aluminium

Advantages of the Aluminum LIMS

Proven LIMS for aluminum producers

[FP]-LIMS is already in use in several aluminum production laboratories worldwide. Our customers report simplified workflows.

Adaptable & flexible

Are you looking for a LIMS that adapts to your individual requirements? Simply individualize individual fields or functionalities completely yourself.

Cost effective & efficient

Manage your lab data centrally with our [FP] LIMS. THE high performance, low cost alternative for aluminum producers worldwide.

For every measurement device

Our [FP]-LIMS offers numerous interfaces to instrument manufacturers such as Bruker, Elementar, Hitachi, Thermo Fisher, Zwick or Spectro Ametek.

Price-performance ratio

Our entry-level version [FP]-LIMS Light costs only $3.600. Find out about other powerful versions to suit your level of requirements.

Practical LIMS solution

[FP]-LIMS is the practical LIMS solution from Fink & Partner. Let us convince you of the advantages and book a LIMS software demo.

5 reasons for FP-LIMS

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Why Excel does not replace laboratory software

With the help of 10 reasons, we will explain why you should not permanently rely on Excel as laboratory software.

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Functionality and applications of FP-LIMS in the aluminum industry

The LIMS software designed by Fink & Partner GmbH offers the possibility to check the quality of incoming raw materials or finished products in the outgoing phase. The software uses different data sources that can be accessed via interfaces to further data processing tools. A LIMS system is therefore considered as the ideal support for modern R&D departments of large companies that want to make their workflows in the area of data tracking/audit, data analysis, and data evaluation more effective. In this context, LIMS systems offer a flexible architecture and are designed for the following core areas of application:

  • Creation of measurement strings (determination, storage, and processing of measurement data via sensor technology)
  • Creation of control lines (analysis of measurement data, protocol management and subsequent problem solving)

LIMS systems also enable the user to fulfill high documentation requirements. In everyday production the determined raw data can be evaluated quickly and easily, using such systems and then made accessible for presentation. LIMS systems are particularly in demand for reports about incoming and outgoing goods as well as for interim quality controls to be able to create certificates and make potential usage decisions quickly and automatically. Conversely, manual work steps within the field of inspection processing can be decisively reduced, which considerably reduces time, costs, and personnel deployment. The following measurement methods represent potential areas of application for the LIMS systems from Fink & Partner:

Aluminum LIMS: An excerpt of our references from aluminum production